Any Ideas for a 13 year old girls birthday party?

I am holding a birthday party for a 13 year old girl. She is going to be inviting all of the girls in her class, which is about 25-30 kids. She doesnt want it to be a "kiddie party". Any ideas? Thanks!

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    WOW! I'm turning 13 and having a party just like that! here is what I'm doing!

    - Getting a really nice and pretty store bought cake

    - having a really cool theme- here are my ideas

      - spa

    - fashion

    - girly

    (mine is pretty much like a girly party with a cake that's cute and like fashion for example... nail polish, lipstick, powder, etc. painted on to my cake!)

    - make sure its different, have lots of colourful decorations just not rainbow.... that's kinda weird, you can have colors like green, pink, purple, and blue!

    - don't have just solid colors try some patterns, for the table cloth, streamers, plates, napkins, etc.

    - make sure there's a lot of different things to do! mine is at a pool at the YMCA! so it'll be fun

    - make it at least 2hrs long, that's how long mine is!

    -have ideas on games to play (but not kiddie games) ask your daughter

    - make sure your not stalking her the whole party, kids don't like that but you can be there just not by her lik the whole party!

    hope i helped!!!!!!!!!! have fun! you can also ask your daughter what she would like!

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    I am turning 13 in November. Your daughter should tell you things that she would like and then work around that. I like the idea of a slumber party maybe a themed one like a makeover sleepover but since it is 25-30 have her closed friends stay!! Hope I helped! Pixiechic13

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    Well my daughter isn't 13, but this year that she turned 11 we gave her a party at a skating rink. All we had to buy her was her cake. The rink provided unlimited soda and 2 large pizzas. She only had 8 of her closest friends and her brothers. They also gave her a t-shirt for her friends to sign.

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    Wow. Don't overdo it--people make all too elaborate birthday parties for kids.

    Going bowling [split up in groups, though], ice skating [rent the rink], or watching movies at home [with popcorn, ice cream, etc] can be fun.

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    dance party

    beach theam

    mall party(each group of 4-6 girls have a camera and a list of things to take pics of in ahour. the winning group get $5-25 each)

    if you need more e-mail me at

    I just had my 13 b-day on the 23 of Aug and we did a lot of things

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    omg! my birthday is in a little under 4 weeks and i still dont kno what im doing. ideas woudl be great here are some below

    1.mall hunt

    2.hosue party with moon bounce theter

    4.surprise party

    5.slumber party

    now not many of these aplie to me but thats ok

    if u have any more ideas please write

    hope this helps!

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    I like Mommy of 4's answer. Spa party would be great fun.

    You can buy pedicure, and manicure kits at the store and there should be enough for everyone. You could even do hair and make-up. Then sleepover and wake up for pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast.

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    Maybe you should have a sleep over after the party if her friends are allowed then you can have a movie marathon and popcorns.

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    YIKES! By that age my daughter simply wanted a few friends to come over, go to the skating rink and then come home for cake and movies.

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    a DJ for some dancing, if you have the money renting little hall or club will be cool.Kids grow up too fast these day or they think they its hard

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