would give my cpa exam soon.will SAP/ERP/other accnting s/w enhance my career options?Please suggest.Thanks.?

would like to do some other course that would help enhance my abilities as a cpa in getting a job.


is there any other training that you would recommend to go with my cpa qualification. I have a bachelors in accounting and want to get a job once my cpa is complete.I understand that experience is valued much more than training.But since I am looking to get a job and gain experience, I want to get there first.Any suggestions on some training that would hel enhance my job search options.Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    best bet would be to get into ERP (SAP or PeopleSoft or Oracle). to learn SAP, check the below sites:

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    1 decade ago

    Taking ERP training on a specific ERP adds some value, but only to those companies that have or will implement that same ERP. Those companies would usually want someone with ERP experience with more than 1 implementation under their belt.

    As a CPA, there is a lot of value that you can give to companies that need someone with rich functional knowledge in Accounting & Finance, and the training and ability to use a "tool". As an example, many companies use a Planning and Budgeting Tool or a Financial Consolidation tool (seperate from their core ERP). Vendors with such tools include Cognos. Hyperion (Now part of Oracle), and Business Objects. The best person to use such tools would be the one with a good finance background and a "tool" training / experiance.

    Of course consultants on those tools are very very well paid.

    If you make a lot of money i expect a 20% comission ;)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Having SAP experience is highly desired, especially within companies going through the long process of ERP implementation. Please note that I wrote "experience" rather than training. If you want to make yourself more attractive to employers, you really need to have hands-on experience with something like SAP rather than just a course. Any additional knowledge, however, never hurts!

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