Women's rights in Middle East?

This is a serious question. No intention of provocation.

The US is so keen on protecting the rights of various peoples on earth. What about the women in Middle East? Say, in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and such? They make up half of the population. Why doesn't the US administration critisize such countries for not giving their women their "human rights"? Voting, driving, having a decent education, getting decent jobs, divorcing possible abusive husbands, etc?

Only serious answers, please.

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    1 decade ago
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    The countries U name, not forgetting Iran, IRA and hosts of others, are not sovereign states, democratic or otherwise in any way whatsoever relating to the none Muslim World. People talk of their laws, their sovereignty etc which is non existent, therefore the question inevitably arises ie, what indeed are they in turn referring to?

    Take Saudi as a prime example! No laws ever debated or voted into the staute books in the manner of a democratic free parliment, compromise, adjustment, subject to later amendment or repeal as determined.

    Only decree's handed out and implemented - none of the above allowed - any/ll opposition crushed usually on pain of death! All what purports to laws no more than written words in the form of decrees written by the men of the 1 family (Sauds) who totally control / rule the country by the sword, the knife and the gun, aided and abetted by their equally unelected clerics and their religious police.

    No education. Only Islamic indoctrination from the cradle to the grave - administered and governed also by unelected clerics. Women, treated less tha animals. And what is done in their countries to alleviate such catostrophic creeds of ancient bygone medievel dark days.

    Nothing, nothing, nothing. I.e. The Saudis, muslims in other countless countries who oppose it in their millions sit - scared shitless - to defy it!.

    Answer that and you'll see why it will never changes. They are too indoctrinated to think for them selves and thus equally unable to muster and stand against it! .

    No one is elected. All laws are those as written by men, handed down by men, governed by men. No one ever questions it!

    And that, as credited here by others, is what they term are the free laws and equitable santity of deemed Soverign and free societies!

    Such miscredited nonsense is hypocritical in the extreme!

    Prove it to be incorrect?

  • H.E. G
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    When Russia & the US were near equal powers, they'd offer protection to the Little Guys that would pledge their political system. Obbviously, niether power wanted the other to controlALL the rest of the world. And for a long time it could have gone either way. The very real possibility losing caused serious fear. There were many of these political conflicts, each one being only a peice of the Big Picture--Demoracy vs. Communism. AKA "The Cold War"

    After each of G-DUB's first 3 justificatios for attacking Iraq were discovered to be intentionally false (Suash Terrorist, Saddam has WMD's, Iraq teaches & trains the Al Quida), his best remaining lie was to plat the Democracy Card. But I think we all know now that since Very few Muslim beliefs lend themselves to a democracy all we've done is get in the middle of another 1000yr old holy war.

    However,G-Dub, did this to protect the gaining of Rights. Just imaging how much his Rt.-Wing Texas Oil Co. Stockholders Gained. Or how about the Rt. Wing pal awarded the No-Bid Gov't Contract to supply a regular hardware store washer for only $850,000.00 each. My God! How

    could Congress even consider endangering our troups by denying

    the funding to supply them with the proper

    washers needed to defend themselves with?

  • 1 decade ago

    Good question. But then, it always boils down to politics, doesn't it? I am in Saudi Arabia and a proud Saudi citizen. And i know that females here do not enjoy the rights males do. Most of that is attributed to local customs and tradtions which restrain females from participating in social development. Other reasons are the powerful religious establishment here who are considered the "old guards". Even though the US State Department issues an annual report on human rights violations here and elswhere in the world, no serious push has been made by them. Why? Simple. As long as the flow of crude oil continues from here, the US administration would not dare take such dreastic measures which would hurt the relations and affect the flow of oil. It's always about politics and America's interests. And that is how the US decision making is done when it comes to foreign policy.

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    I have heard public criticisms on that on a number of occasions.

    I think the more interesting question might be, "Why don't organizations dedicated to women's rights take a more aggressive stand against what is being done to Muslim women?" I have to think that if it doesn't serve the organizations' political agenda, they don't want to involve themselves. And since organizations, such as the National Organization of Women, are extremely Liberal, they don't support anything that seems to come from the Republican side...even if it is in direct conflict with their own charter.

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  • 1 decade ago

    USA can not and wıll not ıinterfere wıth such an appealıng Human rıghts ın those countrıes. Because ın those countrıes man ıs a master and that pays for theır masters the USA . As long as USA sucks the profıt out of the oıl there wıll be no rıghts for woman there. If these countrıes ever stand up to USA you watch and see ın no tıme these woman wıll get theır rıghts because USA wıll make sure theır ıs some way of brıngıng dısruptıon to those countrıes. So where else can they start but the woman's rıghts.

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    1 decade ago

    U.S supported the Shah of Iran, The shah supported women's rights. Iranian women had equivalent rights compared to western women. But the religious leaders did not like women being equal to men and women flaunting their beauty, then the 1979 iranian revolution occurred. U.S was kicked out of Iran, Shah of Iran was hanged. Women are now forced to wear the veil and need to have 4 male witnesses present to prove they were raped. After the whole Iran fiasco U.S now just concentrates on getting the oil pumped out of the middle east and does not get involved in the Country's internal affairs. The question you should be asking is why are 80% of the converts to Islam in the western world are women?( Australia, Europe, America).

  • Ipek K
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    1 decade ago

    Firstly, because most of the Middle Eastern and Gulf countries are rich and therefore they have a very strong tie with US on business basis.

    US is not stupid to interfere with their inner affairs that would damage this relationship.

    Secondly, since I live mostly in Kuwait, let me tell you that the women in Kuwait are more liberated than most of us. They can drive alone at night, go to a cafe or a restaurant alone and don't hassle with any type of harassment. They also have good universities and I have been to one; majority of the students are female. Since it is a very wealth country, a lot of them go abroad to study. They just got their right to vote and have women Ministers in the Government.

    Since most Arabic countries are Matriarch- my observation- it seems like they have the upper hand in the marriages. If they get abused, they can complain to the police station and with the report, they can sue their husbands.

    There are also a lot of Kuwaiti women- covered and uncovered- working as Engineers, Doctors, teachers etc.. always in high positions.

    If the US has to interfere with something regarding human rights in the Middle Eastern Countries, then it must be the situation of the Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian and Pakistani workers who are only one little step higher than slaves- sadly, in some cases that I witnessed not even that much.-

    Since they come from very poor countries , US doesn't care, either.

  • 1 decade ago

    The standards of Kuwaiti women are way superior than western women. Kuwaiti women have more rights than western women. They can pursue higher education for free in foreign countries, marry man of their choice and divorce them, If they have kids the government pays the women a lump sum of money for women to enjoy, they also pay extra money to take care of the kid. Kuwaiti women have it made. I do not know about Saudi Arabian women , as far as driving is considered for women in Saudi Arabia the government provides them with free Chauffer rides for them to reach their destination. The Arabs definently treat workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Phillipines like slaves. Phillipines and Indian maids are usually forced into having sex with Arab men because they are non muslims. Therefore I think the U.S should interfere on human rights violations.

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    1 decade ago

    they do, but it is policy not to interfere with our allies way of life and/or culture. as a citizen you could start a coalition based here in the us and you would not be stopped or hindered in any way, most likely not helped either. but that's freedom, to the point that we have it any way.

    you have to remember countries like Pakistan has had a female premiere, we have never had a women president. so think of that.

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    1 decade ago

    I believe it is because not only would they be manipulating a government, but questioning a religion which would reach outside of the country. The US which has freedom of religion would view it as if you dont like it then change or denounce your faith and do what you want. Or, since you know what you get into when you marry, then why marry.

    As for education, and driving etc. Changing a culture is difficult and takes time. Its not the responsibility or priortity of the US to do this. It is up to the citizens to bring reform in thier country.

    Just my thoughts.

    Good question though.

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