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hele me to作一篇題目為 birthday barbecue 旣文

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    My surprised birthday

    Everyone has their unforgettable birthday,do you have?I had an unfadable birthday barbecue last week,it's really great!

    First,we got up early and ate a yummy breakfast.Although i was very reluctance to get up early,it was merited to go to the beach to have a wonderful barbecue!Then,we took a bus to go to the beach.On the way to the beach,i saw a view that was really attractive,i love the view very much.I think it was far away from my home,because it took us three hours to go there.We arrived the beach at noon,After a while,mum suggested to go swimming after we had a barbecue and she helped us to prepare our swimsuit and goggles.After that,we had a barbecue,there had many food for us to eat,such as sausages,chicken wings,ect.The food was really tasty and i ate a lot.After we had a barbecue,we went swimming.Finally,we went to A.P.M. to choose my birthday present.I chose a beautiful pencil case.I really like it.We ate our dinner at A.P.M. resterant.I felt vey tired and happy today.

    I really had an unforgettable birthday last week.But i need to thank my parent for giving me a happy birthday.


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