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What happened to the truth of ones self, that spiritual groups are suppose to illuminate?

I have noticed parts of spiritual groups have lost the art of Insight, or Divination or Relavation, or by whatever name it is called by that group. The parts of groups that have lost this art are not even a shadow of their former selves. They have even forgotten what Insight, Divination and Revelation originally ment. The Divine fire is gone, covered over, the blackness is heavy. I am not asking anyone to change sides and I am not saying that any whole group is wrong. I am asking if anything can be done or should be done? Is it solely up to the indivdual to look into these matters? And what of the teachers?


Cosmicshaktifire: Beautiful! I bow to you.

Update 2:

Sunman: I Bow to you also,without your bright light here on R/S I may have not have stayed and left still half blind. Thank You. And ~yes~ she *is*.

Update 3:

James: May all pick up their Light Saber, you have showed them where it is and what to cut away........*Bows*

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    I have been working on a simple method for understanding truth.

    Sit still, with back straight ,

    feel with the mind all the skin,

    feel it like the skin it is,

    like a shell that is surrounding you

    sense now the tension in the surface...

    Now relax it.

    Repeat this over and over! Sometimes only a finger will relax, other moments the entire body feels like it is falling away but slowly the mind goes deeper into the bodies tissues. Repeat until you have found every little piece of tension and tight muscle in the body. One is trying to first find then release the unconscious connection to tension that has built up in the body over time.

    Concentration of awareness accumulates and the mind finally centres in the brain. When this happens it is rather an intense experience as the relaxation of the body becomes complete the spine aligns perfectly and the energy is easily felt. A profound balancing energy (the source of your life’s power) travels up the spine into the brain centre and flows equally out to the left and right like two planes passing through the body straining and cleaning the body symmetrically as the energy moves out from the central plane, completing your awareness of your body of light. Two become one. Found now your place of rest? Hmmm :-) sip :-) slurp :-) I am empty! :-) more tea!

    I must say, this is my experience and it will be different for each. The key is to relax and let the mind become aware of the energy within... explore!

    Now I discovered how we draw universal tea, to see with the mind where I desire and to begin to know who I am but I think cosmic you're already there :-)

    Shall we make real light sabres I so so want to! That surly would put the wind up them! But not yet hm? What invention do we really want?

    Remember "One point of focus" "One point of power" one can do nothing with he mind in two places.

    I had to put my mind in my skin X number times (don't count them) and then I was free of my body. My mind was able to go where I wanted to be.

    Now of course one must be first full of universal love and un-compounded by the simple problems faced by people.

    Notice now how we have more words to describe the truth that helps to catch more good ears. :-)

    Cosmic... Thanks, beautiful question and wonderful answers from our family, my love for you all is immense.

    Peace is with you.

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    In our Age, there are so many divergent paths which a person can follow in order to find the truth of one's self. It's like knowing where you want to get to but having a SatNav which gives you all the alternative routes instead of picking one out for you.

    The Revelation which our teachers and leaders have experienced is that there is not a single route which suits everyone. Finding one's self must by definition be an individual, unique experience. Religions don't offer a route-map which must be slavishly followed; religions present us with principles which will guide us in our personal journey.

    In our troubled times, this search for the Divine within is far more attractive than the politicians or media would have us believe. This is proven by the fact that attendances at churches, mosques, and temples has increased in recent years. The "super churches" in America demonstrate that people are still fired by a desire to find the sacred.

    Don't be deceived by the media into thinking that the profane are in the majority. Look deeper into all religious communities and you will find the Divine fire burning as brightly as ever.

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  • Pranam

    What a beautiful question

    The problem with the Teachers and Leaders is that they most of the time Lead and Teach but they don't make another Teacher or Leader, So once they are gone the group is helpless and vision less which their Teacher had in mind.

    For any group even Spiritual or Freedom Fight or any other thing the Leader or Teacher should produce a successor without which the Divine fire will be gone.

    And Shakti Fire I bow to You

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    I am so glad to find your question, I was beginning to lose interest in this site. The Teachers are still here, but the real teachers live quiet, what appear to be ordinary lives waiting on the students to become ready. What is wrong with the groups? They are only as connected as the individuals involved. In early Christianity it was a common sign of your connection to the Spirit to heal the sick, make the blind see, & forgive sins. Today when it rarely happens there is immediate talk of devil worship & the occult. Then there are the "all for show", send me your money people whose motivation is so clear they drive away the masses they seek to attract. People have become jaded, & the true message of many Faiths has been twisted or lost altogether. Not to long ago I stood talking with someone in a church parking lot & they asked me what was blasphemy.The response in my head was to look at the church, point & say, That is blasphemy. The message has become so twisted from what was orginally taught, & people on a deep level see this & become cynical. The Teachers are still here today, but most are underground waiting & working more one on one. We live in a society of freedom of belief, but most can no longer hear their own truth sense. You are right, insight & direct revelation are our birthright, but we sold those long ago for a little comfort & a nice little hideing place.

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    The challenge with groups is that there can be such a tendency to abrogate the wisdom in order to flex with the group mind.

    Wisdom becomes knowledge, becomes a following, becomes dogma. It is upon the individual to illuminate the knowledge into wisdom, as wisdom must be cognized by the self ~ felt, touched, smelled!

    The teachers then are those who can not only live and walk their realized wisdom, but are able to do this in such a way that others can hear. To be able to shapeshift is a fine art, and in it, the 'other' sees themself reflected back with love. To have a body of knowledge that is drawn upon, a course or path, practices, all of these are important and useful....and yet, today's enlightenment is tomorrows poison....

    and so, all realized wisdom must be held lightly by each to their level, with the timing of each respected and reflected with grace and care. To be the seer of a wider picture is a situation, it is not an answer, and yet answers are found in the sightings.....

    The shaman is always the one who sees the boat on the horizon first, by detecting the ripples in the water. Through their eyes, the tribe is encouraged to gaze forward, and eventually, they have the eyes to see, as their minds open to possibility. Is the shaman better for this? They are the shaman, that is all, they have the eyes to see, and the heart to hold the space open.....

    Divine fire is to be self generated now, and I promise you, it is not gone, not by a long shot.....the constructs are de~constucting, dissolving, transmuting into a new paradigm. See women and men function together in spirit as equals, this alone is a quantium shift of where we have just come from....

    edit: *bows* and Namaste to Sunman and Coyote brothers

    edit: *bow* to Om Tat Sat. and Yes. The Fire must be transmitted.

    Well spoken.

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    The word 'Spiritual' is thrown around everywhere and it's meaning has come to mean nothing. Mostly spiritual now means a price tag. Buying spirituality has become a roof encompassing many things from psychology to witchcraft. Give me a non-judgemental athiest with a smile and a pleasant positive attitude any day of the week.

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    Very few "religions" are concerned with actually divining truth, of the self or any other kind.

    Eastern mysticism is more philosophical and less dogmatic than any of the religions. As such, the practice of meditation is seen as the method of finding "one's true self."

    So, in respect of that idea, nothing has happened to "finding the truth of one's self." You just have to keep meditating.

    Divine fire? Oh that still exists! You see it in the eyes of zealots everywhere. You hear it in their words. It seems that the divine fire you are talking about it not the kind of hatred, lies and fear mongering I see. In my opinion you are right, the blackness is heavy. The blackness is religion.

    What should be done? We should promote Education, peace freedom and abundance.

    When people are educated without dogma and truly free, they will automatically find peace and the end of war. When we stop wasting our precious finite time on religious horse manure and start investing our brains and energy into solving problems, we will be free of hunger and disease.

    Freedom from religion will bring freedom in other areas too.

    Once we drop the dogma, we can start to learn, to evolve, to live. After we have shed the last vestigial remnants of religion's darkness, then we will have time to find our true selves. That WILL be divine!

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    Is humanity ready to hear the truth ?

    No matter what is the questions or the answers and no matter what we think we are or what we thinks about who we are ,meaning either prisoner or the warden , rich or poor, you eat meat or beans you love or you hate you except or reject ,leftist or rightist , black or white ,religious or atheist, and all other species living with us on planet earth and beyond which we all share a common bond that's we are really one ,but there is a down side to our existence a hidden secret which kept from us and they continue to suppress the truth and to protect their system of deception from crumbling , and humanity will be free ,but are you really wants to know ,are you ready , I hope so ,and I hope SO called man in authority read it and TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE GAME IS AGAINST ALL OF US , HERE COMES THE TRUTH MY FRIENDS THAT WE ALL LIVING ON THIS PLANET AS A GUINE PIGS , LIKE REALLY ANIMAL FARM FOR EXPERIMENTS. PURE AND SIMPLE LABORATORY

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    I have resisted groups since I stopped going to church in my late teens. However, I was reminded by a friend that the group, the sangha, is important. The contacts I have made here on R&S are the closest I have come to a sangha.

    I think that what Shakifire refers to as "group think" is what I resist. I don't feel that on R&S. We all have our own way of seeing, but it is a beautiful thing. In sharing we all grow.

    It is possible in R&S to create a group of people with whom you can grow spiritually without losing the "truth of ones self."

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  • Shihan
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    What happened, dear Coyote, is that dogma took over. Rather than allow truth to blossom, it has become repressed. Rather than teaching us to own our sense of truth, we are told what to believe and to ensure we tell others to believe the same thing JUST BECAUSE THIS BOOK TELLS US SO.

    It is the seekers who continue to illuminate. And do not be deceived, for their light is brighter than you could imagine. Let the light die where it will, for then others, others full of insight, divination and revelation, will shine as brightly as your own. Nothing should be done. It is all as it should be. It is evolution; survival by adaptation. Stay true. Stay clear. Let your little light shine. All will be revealed in time (in no time? he he *wink*).

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