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Music notes?

Okay, so my new school (British school in America) also has an excelent music program. This is my first year learning in the British system. Instead of them saying, whole note, half note, quarter note and those terms, they say, crotchet, semibreve and minim. Can someone please please give me a conversion from terms like quarter notes and stuff into that British system? Thank you SOOO much!

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    double whole note = breve = 8 crotchets

    whole note = semibreve = 4 crotchets

    half note = minim = 2 crotchets

    quarter note = crotchet = 1 crotchet

    eighth note = quaver = 1/2 crotchet

    sixteenth note = semiquaver = 1/4 crotchet

    32nd note = demisemiquaver = 1/8 crotchet

    ... there are more but you won't see them too often.

    the same names apply to the rests.

    don't worry, it won't take long to get it. ☺

    Source(s): paid too much attention in theory for four years in college.
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    i am learning about these right now in my ap theory class.

    longa (two whole notes) = breve

    whole note= semi breve

    half note= minum

    quater note =crochet

    sorry, i don't remember eighths

    but the sixteenths (well at least their rests)= quaver

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