Stargate Atlantis?

Do you have any spoilers for season four of Stargate Atlantis?I'd heard that Dr.Beckett's back?Thanks!

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    Lt. Col. Samantha Carter is promoted to Colonel and is put in charge of Atlantis, Dr. Beckett comes back for two episodes, Kindred part 1+2 [right before the season finale], Teyla's pregnant, Ronon runs into some old friends, in the episode Tabula Rasa everyone except Ronon and Teyla have amnesia, Teal'c's in three of the episodes, there's an engagement scene in one of the later episodes, Rodney has a tissy fit when Samantha Carter shows up at Atlantis, the season finale is titled The Last Man and is somewhat related to the events in Kindred [part 1+2], in one of the episodes Sheppard and McKay have to protect a teenage princess from Genii soldiers.

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    OTHER then Lt. Col Samantha Carter taking over for Dr. Weir, and Dr. Beckett coming back to life for two episodes (originally three, but was scrapped for a future episode) we have a possibility that Acastus Kolya will come back, and a new race called The Travelers will be introduced as a technologically advanced nomadic society that has been able to elude the Wrath, and the overall tone of the show will be the darker then we have ever seen Stargate been. One confirmed "light" moment is the pregnancy of Teyla.

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    Go to the sci-fi channels sci-fi wire page. They are always having news and spoilers there about Stargate Atlantis. Read back on some of the old news items. I remember they said something about Beckett returning (interviewed him), but no details were given as to how he is returning or if it will be permanent.

    Also heard that T'ealc will be in an episode or two

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    1. Stargate SG-1 2. Clone Wars 3. The jedi fer sure- Bratak is Oold 4. The Fetts 5. Rodney 6. Mar' Tuf 7. Daniel Jackson 8. Season 3 -- cant even think of a specific episode at the moment 9. Frasier for sure

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    As of now, the season will be as follows. I do not know the plots for most of the second half of the season, so I just wrote their working titles.

    "Adrift" (Part 2) - Atlantis is running out of power and stranded in space.

    "Lifeline" (Part 3) - Carter and the crew of the Apollo race against time to rescue Atlantis.

    "Reunion" - A group of Satedans (Ronon's people) ask Sheppard's team to help them attack a Wraith weapons facility.

    "Doppelganger" - Sheppard is possessed by an alien entity which causes the people on Atlantis to have nightmares.

    "Travelers" - Sheppard is kidnapped by a group of ship-dwelling nomads known as the Travelers.

    "Tabula Rasa" - Everyone on Atlantis (except for Teyla and Ronon) gets amnesia and obviously, it's up to the two aliens to save the day.

    "Missing" - Teyla and Dr. Keller visit New Athos but are stranded when they are attacked by primitive warriors.

    "The Seer" - While searching for the Athosians (probably a continuation of "Missing"), the team meets a man with prophetic abilities. This is the one in which we learn that Teyla is pregnant.

    "Miller's Crossing" - Rodney's sister comes back.

    "The Mortal Coil" (Part 1)

    "Be All My Sins Remember'd" (Part 2) - Atlantis teams up with the Wraith against a common enemy (probably the Replicators).

    "Spoils of War" (Part 3)

    "Quarantine" - The city goes into lockdown. This could potentially be a conclusion to "Spoils of War".

    "Outcast" - This episode explains why we never hear about Sheppard's family.

    "Midway" - As you can probably already tell, this one has something to do with the Midway Space Station.


    "Harmony" - Sheppard and McKay protect a princess in order to impress her sisters. This episode will feature the Genii.

    "The Kindred, Part 1" - This is the two-parter in which Dr. Beckett will return.

    "The Kindred, Part 2" - See the synopsis above.


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    Samatha Carter takes over command in place of Elizabeth Weir. McKay's sister will be back for an episode.

    You can read descriptions and spoilers for upcoming episodes here:

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    Dr. Beckett's going to be in two episodes late in the season and I think every one else just about covered it.

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    Yeah I think everyone has pretty much covered it. If you want 2 c if u can dig up more, usually Joe Mallozzi has some good spoilers in his blog....

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    i think Samantha Carter is going to be in charge of Atlantis now...

  • 1 decade ago

    ya sam carter is coming on the show.

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