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V.C. Andrews Books..?

I am becoming a V.C. Andrew reader.. I read most of the Dollanger series and I am likely to buy a lot of her books on ebay. However I recently found some of the books in the lot at flea markets and yard sales making me have doubles. I was wondering if anyone was interested in trading? please let me know =)


by the way when i said lot i mean like a bunch of books

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    The author who now writes the V.C Andrews books was involved with the works of Virginia Andrews such as The Dollanger series and the Casteel series as well as My Name Is Audrina. Yes Virginia did die in 1986 but the current author has close personal knowledge with her works. Why do you think that V.C Andrews books aren't coming out so much anymore?? I have high quality books of every series but no doubles so I can't trade. ( believe me it took me a long time) but I just thought this would be an interesting piece of info contradict someone's answer that was trying to play down the brilliance of these books!! Don't stop coz while some are definately better than others each series is brilliant in their own right!! ENJOY!!

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    I don't want to let you down, but I just have to say this. The name V.C. Andrews is owned by the publishing house that prints the books. V.C.Andrews died almost twenty years ago. Sorry. But the new various books that have been written are by different authors today.

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