Can somebody explain RVP and Primerica on how it works?

I saw this blog with people whoe earns millions of dollars. Overwhelming to believe. Please click on this site:

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    RVP = Regional Vice President. It is the highest paying contract in the company where you can also get paid bonuses on some of the products. Only RVPs can promote RVPs. If you override one RVP who makes $100k, your override would be about $70k!

    To get to RVP level, you need to complete these steps

    1) Put in your IBA

    2) Recruit 3 people and get licensed (in whatever order you want). Once you complete this, you get promoted to Senior Rep.

    3) Get one of your recruits to Senior Rep and have your team put in $2500 in life premiums in one month, you get promoted to District Leader. $2500 in premiums equals about 2-4 life apps in one month and you can do all that personally.

    4) Get 6 of your teammates to District Leader and have your team put in $10,000 in premiums for 2 consecutive months, you qualify for RVP.

    There are about 53 people in Primerica who makes 7 figures. Thats more than any other financial company in North America. There are over 2000 people making 6 figures! The business system that Primerica has works and will work for others if they follow it. People who create their own system rarely succeed because new systems will have mistakes in it and they will dwell too much time on how to fix it. They should follow the system already in place.

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    RVP is not the highest level there is SVP (senior vice president) NSD (national sales director) however when your RVP you have unlimited income potential. it is overwhelming to believe but it is very much possible, the people that say it's not possible are the people who will never make this type of income why? because they are skeptical and they don't belive in themselves that's why primerica doesn't work for some people. to become an RVP it doesn't take brains or money, it takes motivation, desire, and most of all ability to never give up even when everybody tells you you can't do this business. In this company in order to succeed you must belive you can, not everyone can do that and the ones who do will become a millionaire.

    Source(s): My father is in RVP and i will be one to . we are from the Alonzo Hierarchy in Ontario, California. one of the best in the country
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    I was there. These are actual pictures of the PFS national convention from Aug 1-4, 2007 in Atlanta, GA. It was in the Georgia Dome (where the Atlanta Falcons play). There were over 50,000 people in attendance. Yes, there were million dollar earners there. There are more million dolllar earners in PFS than any company in the US. It was fantastic and electric. I personally talked to many, over 100, six and seven figure earners. Fantastic people. Great environment.

    Great company, get involved if you are motivated to be part of something really great.

    Great to see people actually posting the positives.

    There is also SNSD, Senior National Sales Director designation in Primerica.

    I'm in Ohio, The hierarchy we are a part of has offices in 7 states.

    There are 59 in PFS making a million dollars a year.

    Check out

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    There are some RVP s that quit Primerica. Primerica is a good company if you can 1) Recruit and 2) Produce. And the most important one is DUPLICATION. If you recruit and produce but you are a terrible teacher and cannot duplicate yourself you will quit. And on top of that if you recruit and cannot sell for nothing. Your downlines will pass you up and you will lose them to your upline and start from scratch again. Not fun. Trust me.

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    Its so successful that it requires they recruit well over 200,000 new reps each year just to maintain its number at 100,000, and that its entire force is renewed every 3 years. And on average, their term policies (which they didnt actually invent) are between 30-100% higher than the category leaders. Insurance isnt what theyre good at (writing only 3% of all industry term policies), but recruiting, because each new recruit represents 1-3 new sales annually (including policies they may have written up for themselves). Annual average commission is less than $6k, and youre responsible for all your own expenses (including even business cards)!!! So while bragging about the 6 and 7 figure earners, it only serves to illustrate there are 1000's making even less than the stated average. Good luck with that tho!

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  • I passed the state exam in July and attended the Women In Primerica conference (2014) and see the whole picture of the business and I am so motivated now. It is the best business out there on both ends: helping others while getting paid doing it. The pay is the reward for helping others and that's what I LOVE to do. We help people take care of their NOW while helping them prepare for their LATTER years. Who could ask for anything better.

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    What Is Rvp

  • Instead of asking people that question on the internet ... why don't you sit down in front of a real Primerican and they can personally show you and answer your question the right way

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