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Your favourite Jazz Pianist/Vocalist??

Who is your favorite Jazz Pianist or Vocalist?

Which Jazz albums or singles do you highly recommend (for pianist and singer)?

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    My favourite jazz vocalist is Louis Armstrong. That dude made some amazing songs, kept them short and always gave a smile on your face. Plus he's got a really distinctive voice and can play the trumpet extremely well too.

    Recommended discs:

    What A Wonderful World

    20th Century Masters, The Best of Louis Armstrong

    Christmas Through The Years

    My favourite jazz pianist would be The Thelonius Monk. Simply because completly blows everyone he plays with out of the water. He never fails to amaze you.

    Recommended Disks:

    Thelonius Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall

    Monk's Dream

    Straight No Chaser

    Round About Midnight (technically a Miles Davis disk, but the Monk plays very well on it)

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    There are a great many superb jazz pianists. Here are two of my favorite recordings that I highly recommend. (One will suprise you) The first is Bill Evans - Conversations With Myself. I can listen to it over and over and it still feels fresh and new. The other (The suprise) is Charles Mingus - Mingus plays piano. One of the prettiest solo pianos I have ever heard.

    Jazz vocalists: I am in love with great canarys and again cannot settle for just one. The first is Anita O'Day. She made an album in the late forties with two heavy weights of swing, Gene Krupa and Roy Eldridge. The album title is Let Me Off Up Town. She was just a youngster (Late teens, early twenties) and she not only held her own with these swing heavy weights, she helped them bridge the gap into the era of bebop. In the late fifties and early sixties she did some great albums with the Billy Mays orchestra. One of my favorites is The Cole Porter album they did. Another Canary who was becoming prominent at this time was Nancy Wilson. This lovely lady has never received the acclaim that she deserves in my opinion. Give a listen to any thing by Nancy and I am sure you will enjoy it. Now with that said I still have not come to the greatest Jazz singer of all time. Joe Williams. This man had an incredible voice with a range that reached from the depths of a basso profundo that you could feel vibrate in your chest all the way up to a high alto that would carress your tympanic membrane. he had an actors skill with a lyric. When he sang a torch song like I Laugh To Keep From Crying, you really felt sorry for him. And when he belted out a rockin' blues like Roll 'em Pete with the Basie Band, it was he who was driving the band. There never has been nor ever will be the peer of Joe Williams.

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    I'm not a big fan of jazz piano. So my recommendation probably has some good merit. In my collection the predominant jazz pianist is Brad Mehldau. His "Art of the Trio" series is excellent.

    As far as vocalist is concerned I have a few: Sarah Vaughan and Diane Reeves (although Diane will venture into the R+B side as well).

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    Jazz Pianist Mr. Herbie Hancock, Kenny Barron, Danilo Perez, Ms. Shirley Horn, Geri Allen, Chick Corea, Mose Allison, John Hicks, James Williams, Mulgrew Miller, Bob James, Adam Holzman, Cedar Walton, Keith Jarrett, there are so many more Ellis Marsalis. Singers Liz Wright, Cassandra Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Betty Carter, Mose Allison, Ella, Sarah, Billie, Jimmy Scott, Les Mc Cann, Tony Bennett, John Mayer, Annie Lennox, Christina Aguilera, Eloise Laws, so many more you could write a book. Check out any CD buy any of these artist I have mention.

    Source(s): CD and Record collection.
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    Albert Ayler - Lorrach, Paris 1966 rec' 11/66 on hatOlogy 3500 Charles Mingus - Mingus In Europe vols 1-2 rec' 4/64 on Enja 3049 - 3077. Cecil Taylor - Winged Serpent ( Sliding Quadrants ) rec'10/84 on Soul Note 121089 John Coltrane - A Love Supreme rec' 12/64 on Impulse051155-2 Eric Dolphy - Memorial Album rec' 7/61 on Original Jazz Classics OJCCD 133 I have the same on vinyl probably withdrawn now so have shown the CD releases.

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    For singer and piano player, I suggest Nina Simone. Start of with the album, Live at the Village Gate.

    I am not to experienced with singers. Of the few that I can remember, I can think of two singers and an album for each to suggest. Both are high quality and considered classics.

    1. Sarah Vaughan, album called "Sarah Vaughan", it has also been released as "Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown". I first acquired it to hear Clifford's trumpet playing, but Vaughan's voice was equally mesmerizing. The whole band is great, and so are the songs.

    2. Carmen McCrae, album the American songbook. Another classic album. Joe Pass on guitar.

    For piano players I would very highly recommend anything with Jaki Byard. Start with Booker Ervin album 1. The Freedom Book and 2. The Space Book. Also try Charles Mingus albums, 1.The Great Concert of Charles Mingus and 2. The Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy, Cornell 1964. Particularly listen to Jaki on the song, Orange Was the Colour of Her Dress Then Blue Silk. That song is on both albums and Jaki is so amazing. Him and Mingus play as if they are one person with four hands. In my little opinion, its some of the most amazing music I have heard so far.

    Other piano players that I would suggest, and an album they are on.

    Horace Silver-Song for My Father

    Lennie Tristano-Intuition

    Herbie Hancock-Maiden Voyage

    McCoy Tyner- Grant Green's album, Matador, and John Coltrane albums from 1961-1964.

    Aaron Goldberg- John Ellis album, Roots Leaves and Branches

    Alice Coltrane-Phat El Doud.

    You can find accurate reviews of all these albums at

    Happy listening. Hope I helped. I had help when I first started listening, so I am happy to try to help new listeners.

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    Favorite jazz pianist is someone you've probably never heard of. His name's Dan Cray and he's based in Chicago. You should check him out. He does some solo stuff, he accompanies vocalists, and he also heads up The Dan Cray Trio.

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    I have so many jazz artist that i love. each jazz musician has one special instrument that they are famous for, like Dave Koz, and Najee is known for their sax, Norman Brown is known for his guitar. and i am a big fan of all of them. But one jazz musician that i LOVE, when he plays the piano, is David Benoit! i love his piano playing. when i see him, or listen to him playing, i get so jealous, he is just phenomenal.

    now so far as Vocalist jazz artist, i Love Natalie Cole, Nancy Wilson, and because i listen to gospel music also, these gospel artist don`t really sing jazz but alot there song,and tunes are some what jazzy and that is Kim Burell and Yolanda Adams, they are very good Vocalist also. Oh and not mention Anita Baker and Oleta Adams.

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    For singers? Ella, Diana Krall, Billie Holiday, Diane Washington, DEFINITELY Kurt Elling

    For piano players? Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Wynton Kelly, And if you can take the grunting and audiating- Keith Jarret

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    Thelonious Monk

    Duke Ellington

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