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Access Denied?

Why is it whenever I download an object for The Sims 2 and unzip it on WinRAR, a message box comes up saying:

`__place object name here___

Access Denied.`

Am I doing something wrong?


Please don`t spam and say stuff like `idk` or `what is the sims` or I`ll just report you as spam. =/

Update 2:

I have Windows Vista, is that the reason why I cannot download these files?

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    It looks to me that you are having a permissions issue. If you are trying to copy a file, make sure you have access to the file and access to the location you are trying to copy it to (this will usually be the case with a limited account under windows). It could also be a corrupted file you are downloading.

    Try the following:

    1) Clear your browser's cache.

    2) Download the file to your desktop.

    3) Extract the file's content into a folder in your desktop.

    If these steps give you an error, then it is an issue with the file you are downloading, as you should have full read/write access on your desktop (unless something has gone horribly wrong in your windows install).

    If the above worked, then try extracting the file to the corresponding folder in your sims 2 installation. If this gives you an error, make sure you have access to the folder the sims install is at.

    This is all I can think of. Cheers and good luck.


    After reading extra details:

    Windows Vista might be the issue right there. Try running your unzipping program as administrator (right click its icon and select run as admin). Open the file you wish to extract from that program (usually File >> Open) and try extracting it. Let me know if that works.

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    No it's Windows, it's a mean spirited monster!

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    what is sims anyways?

    i never played it

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