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Add remove properties problem?

How do you remove a program from the Add Remove Properties if it is not highlighted?

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    Hiya -anonymous,

    If it is not on the list or when you click on it there are no buttons labeled "CHANGE" or "REMOVE" then something could be wrong.

    The very next thing to do is click the START button and browse PROGRAMS or ALL PROGRAMS depending on if you use XP or Vista. You should see the name of the program on this menu and when you hover the mouse on it you should see the links for the program. Most programs have a link to Uninstall the program, but some do not. This makes things very difficult and limits what you can do to remove it.

    If you have tried everything but the program is still there I can suggest 3 options to rid yourself of it.

    1) Reinstall the program and hope that it will correctly appear in the Add Remove Programs page.

    2) Open System Restore and restore your system to a date just before you installed this program.

    3) LAST RESORT: Right click on a link to the program and select PROPERTIES. Once the properties for the link opens, click on the SHORTCUT tab along the top and then click the "FIND TARGET" button. A Window will open to the folder containing the files for this program.

    Since nothing else has worked you can delete the entire folder containing the program's files; do this as a last resort. You would also right click and select DELETE for any links on the Start Menu or Desktop.


  • carm
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    If you click on the program you want to remove it will highlight, you will see remove pop up and click that. gl

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