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Single edged verses double edged knives?

What are advantages and disadvantages of single edge verses double edged knives?

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    Single edged knives are best used for cutting motions, while Double edged knives are used best for stabbing. Single edged knives are safer to use since nicking yourself with the blunt edge is not possible, while the chances of accidentally cutting yourself with a double edged knife while stabbing or slashing, is higher compared to a single edged one especially if the knife has a small or no hilt at all to stop your grip from sliding into the blade when you hit bone when stabbing and if the grip is slicked with sweat and blood. But on the other hand, if you ever have to grapple with a knife in hand, the chances or your opponent disarming you is lower if you use a double edged blade. In our Kali training with single edged blades like a balisong or a bolo for example, there are some trapping and disarming techniques taught that requires us to touch or hit the blunt back edge of the knife or bolo, obviously, this won't work against double edged knives or swords.

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    Double Edged Knives

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    With a single edge you can have a stronger if not sharper knife compared to a double edged one of the same width. A double edge can last longer because when one edge wears out, you have a second one to work with.

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    Depends on it's intended use. You first answerer is correct in describing the double-edged advantage using the knife as a tool. The primary advantage in use as a weapon is that with a double-edge knife you do not have to roll your hand to cut in two directions as you would with a single-edge knife, it is therefore faster to cut in multiple directions with a double-edged knife. Try a slashing side-to-side movement with a single-edged knife and you'll see what I mean.

    Source(s): MA almost 30 years, using all kinds of sharp weapons.
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    A double edged knife falls under PC 12020

    (Penal Code 12020) CA. & many other states.

    The "Dirk or Dagger" clause.

    A single edge knife is useful, and as a bonus,is not a Feloney to possess.

    Source(s): CA. Law is easy......If it makes sense....It's against the law.
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    Serrated vs straight edge, eh?

    I worked in restaurants for years and I never saw a pro chef or cook who used serrated. They don't cut straight down and can't chop veggies worth a hoot. The only exceptions are knives for bread and steak!

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