My printer won't print clearly. The ink cartridge is full, but when I try to print something, the words are

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really light, as if the ink were running out. I've even tried replacing the ink cartridges twice, and it still doesn't work. any ideas on what's wrong?
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by new set of cartridges..... you have refilled your cartridges over 2 times..... further, your refiller has not cleaned the nozzles.....
in proper manner, your refiller should remove the previous ink.... put the nozzle of cart. in chemical to clean and then refill.

the process takes over two days but no one give enough time to refiller. further, cart. should be sent for refill before draining complete ink (5-10%) ink shold be retained in the cart.
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  • Julie L answered 7 years ago
    Try cleaning or aligning the print cartridges, Go to start, printer and faxes, and right click on the icon that represents your printer. Go to properties. There should be an option somwhere in there that will allow you to clean the printer cartridges or you could also print a test page and try troubleshooting the issue. The paper may also be the wrong type for the printer.
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  • carm answered 7 years ago
    I would take the cartridges out of the printer then take a paper towel fold it in half and just dab the cartridge on the paper towel to see if it is bleeding ok dab it all over the paper towel to see if it gets better or worse. If it gets better make sure it bleeds good enough to get a solid strip of ink then try it in the printer. if it gets worse take a small plastic container and boil some water then put just enough boiling water in the container to cover the bottom just a touch more then take the cartridge and dip it in and out of the hot water a few times and do the paper towel dip again. The hot water will break up any dry ink in the cartridge head and get it bleeding again. If your cartridge has an electronic board on it use 99% isopropyl alcohol and a Q tip and apply it to the cartride board and don't use the tip use the side of the Q tip and apply a bit of pressure, not only will you clean the contacts but you will evaporate the water that got on the board then wait 5 minutes and try it in the printer.good luck
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  • Thomas K answered 7 years ago
    I'm assuming you are running XP.

    Ensure that you don't have the printer's setup set to Draft printing. If you open Printers and Faxes, right-click on the printer and select Printing Preferences. Click on the Paper/Quality tab and see what level is selected. This is the default print quality for each print job unless you purposefully change it per print.

    If this is not the issue, you may want to check on the printer manufacturer's website for an updated driver.
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  • Wholly Stroked answered 7 years ago
    most printers have a 'clean print head' function. try that
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