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Goblet Of Fire (Film)?

I watched the Goblet Of Fire the other night & was confused about the guy who was with Lord Voldermort Was he not Peter Pettergrew in the Prisoner Of Azkaban? If so why in the Goblet Of Fire is he called Wormtail Not Peter Or Scabbers? Or is it someone different ( Looks Like the same Guy)

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    It is the same guy (played by Timothy Spall).

    Wormtail is Peter Pettigrew's nickname.

    Peter Pettigrew was at Hogwarts with Siruis Black, James Potter and Remus Lupin - they were all friends.

    The four of them gave themselves nicknames and were collectively known as The Marauders - they made the Marauders map.

    Peter Pettigrew was known as Wormtail since he could turn into a rat - and a rat's tail looks like a worm.

    Sirius can turn into a dog so he's known as Padfoot.

    James' protronus was a Stag and so he got nicknamed Prongs (as in, the antlers).

    Lupin was called Moony - a reference to the fact he's a werewolf.

    Pettigrew was only known as Scabbers by Ron etc because they all believed he was nothing more than a common garden rat - they didn't know it was actually a person.

    Hope that clears it up :-) The films don't explain things properly :-)

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    You're eyes do not deceive you: you are seeing Peter Pettigrew, formerly Ron's rat Scabbers. Pettigrew went by the name Wormtail while a member of the Marauders during his years at Hogwarts. If you recall from Prisoner of Azkaban, harry receives the Marauders' Map which indciates its creators Messers. Prongs, (James Potter, Harry's father), Padfoot (Sirius Black, who has this name used in the new movie Order of the Phoenix), Moony (Remus Lupin), and Wormtail (Peter Pettigrew). The movies have not been particularly explicit about those characters using those names during their school days so I can understand your confusion.

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    its all the same

    wormtail and peter and scabbers are all the same person but voldemort and others call him wormtail which is easier than saing peter pettigrew(sp?)

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    He was called wormtail because in the third book, he is also revealed as the same wormtail from the Maurader's Map. It was the nickname of his Patronus.

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    wormtail is his nickname that he got when he was in hogwarts, his real name is peter pettergrew and ron only called him scabbers when he was a rat

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    it is peter pettigrew but voldemort calls him wormtail cuz its like his slave name i guess to him and it is also what he used to be called i his school days. is the prizoner of azkaban he was called peter pettigrew because harry didnt no him as wormtail, and he was called scabers becuz he was in form of an animagus as rons mouse.

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    Here's the wiki article on Peter that details what all he did and his various names.

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