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GAIN R E S P E C T ??? (Thanks )?

I am 23

I now have a job

I have a car

But SOMETHING is missing!!! OH I remember- R E S P E C T

I have all my life been a funny guy, who makes others laugh.

This has resulted in me not having respect like others have. People tend to not care about my opinion, also I tend to be made fun of sometimes. I am usually talked over, I mean if I am talking to someone, someone else can easily come in between us and be able to start talking to the other person leaving me out :-l


I have been recommended by a friend/brother, to build a tough body that commands respects from others,;


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    It's going to take time and guts... When someone butts in tell them you were talking. Don't be whiny about it but let people know you don't appreciate it. It's hard to transition from the funny guy to getting respect. But it is possible! I think it's VERY inconsiderate of your friends to not take you serious whither you're labeled the funny guy or not. That's rude.

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    You have to earn respect. You want someone to respect what you say, then what you say needs to be worthy of respect.

    If every time someone is trying to talk about serious issues, you crack a joke, your opinion will never be respected. That's why they talk over you - they don't expect you to say anything important.

    So listen to what someone says, think about your answer and then give a thoughtful response. If you don't have something to say then DO NOT speak. If someone tries to talk over you, let them, listen to what they said to and respond to both comments. Other time's once you've started speaking, if someone butts in calmly ask then to let you finish. A teacher once told me that the best way to get screaming kids to listen to you wasn't to shout louder, but to speak quieter !!

    Do the body building thing if you want people to respect that you can bench 300lbs - but you want then to listen to you you need to have something to say that's worth listening to.

    PS there will still be plenty of opportunities to crack jokes - just do not do it all the time.

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    You also need to act like someone who deserves respect. If someone comes and interrupts you, tap them on the shoulder and say "excuse me - I was just finishing up a point" then go on with what you where saying. Don't be an ****** but you need to command respect, not just expect it.

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    People will treat you this way if you let them. Next time someone interrupts just say 'excuse me, i was talking then.' and if they really peed you off, continue 'could you please be a bit more considerate.'

    I was having trouble in a work group at college, one girl wouldn't come to meetings, and once I had called her on it, she got really irate, I just kept talking calmly and rationally. She never spoke to me like that again, and she showed up to the meetings. And she has never even looked like crossing me in anyway. You just need to be more assertive. It will work very quickly in this situation, as people will not know what to expect from you anymore, they will be very careful not to tread on your toes, and they don't know where they are, cause you've just taken some steps!!

    Believe in yourself, your opinions are just as valid as anyone elses.

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    look over your demeanor and see rather or not you can be considered wimpy, if so you are going to have to find in you a demand for respect and stand on it (speak up)

    you probably wouldn't do to well with the tough guy approach because if that were the case you wouldn't be in this predicament

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    i think although a person has a tough body but is rude and vulgar, i would not respect him at all. but if a person is honest and kind and caring, i would want to respect him of course. its not about the body, its about the behavorial.

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    You can look like a god if you want to, but if your personality doesn't command respect, your no where.

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    to gain respect from'd need to be an honest, hard working, trust worthy's not the car or job that should make u who u are but who u trully are!

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    i kind of went through that situation and my policy was "**** em"! do abit of role reversal, thats what i did. do what they do and wow presto .... who'd of thought it.. respecto! im a changed person now. amazin though. was like u a couple of yrs go. just remeba... **** em!

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    give respect and take respect. a good LISTENer will be SILENT

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