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    Writing with the main points below while u can further (再) elaborate (舖排經營):

    (由於三個願望是不可能的,所以用If I had過去式):

    1. I am not greedy (貪心). If I had three wishes, all the three wishes would be the same that was the magic (魔法的) power. I need the kind of power in my mind (思想). I can take advantages (利用) of it whenever (隨時) I want.

    Subsequently (之後), I can use the power to help my mother finish* all her houseworks such as brooming (打掃), cooking and cleaning. All are toils (苦工).

    Besides, my amazing (神奇的) power can refill (填滿) food inside the refrigerator (雪櫃). As the prices of beef and everything are increasing, this can help my parents to solve (解決) the financial (財政的) problems.

    As (至於) for myself, the text books (課內書) and reference books (參考書) are expensive. Hence (因此), I would use the power to give all the books that I need. Nevertheless (雖然如此), I would study on my own instead of (而非) playing any tricks (詭計). Otherwises (否則), it is not fair to my classmates.

    I believe that I would use it with integrity (正直).


    P.S. 1* help 之後的動詞,可以是甚麼都不加的第一欄,也可以是to + 第一欄.

    2007-09-01 00:36:37 補充:

    2. To give u another version (版本) for your references (參考):If I had three wishes, I would not ask for money. Somehow (可知), too much money is not a good thing.My first wish...

    2007-09-01 00:37:18 補充:

    was to have a good-looking appearance (外表) when I grow up (長大). Of course, the wish does not come true (成真) all at once (即刻). Otherwises (否則), my parents, classmates, teachers and people around would regard (視...為) me as a...

    2007-09-01 00:38:10 補充:

    monster (怪物). When I grow up, I then attend (參加) Ms. Hong Kong (or Mr. Hong Kong).My second wish was to be a smart (醒目) person. I only glance at (瞥一下) so as to bear (記得) everything single word (任何一個字) in my mind. Wisdom (智慧) is always...

    2007-09-01 00:38:45 補充:

    vital (重要) in the society (社會). Yes, I use some tricks (詭計). When I became the most intelligent person in the world, I could get the greatest job so as to (從而) get the status (地位) of the society (社會). A lawyer (律師) should not be bad. Maybe (也許), I want to be a...

    2007-09-01 00:40:16 補充:

    headmaster (校長) to manage (管理) the school as well as (以及) the teachers. Haha! What a plot (陰謀)! Also, I can earn (賺取) for the living (生活) of my parents and me.Finally (最後), my third wish was to wipe out (消滅) the bad people just like the cartoon (卡通) story...

    2007-09-01 00:40:41 補充:

    " The Death Note " (死亡筆記). All the war (戰爭), murder (兇殺), arson (縱火), rape (強姦), robbery (盜竊), kidnapping (綁票), violence (暴力), crime (罪案) and bully (恃強凌弱) would disappear (消失). The world is then good fit for mankind (人類) to live.

    2007-09-01 00:44:34 補充:

    ~~~ Both are my creation (創作) ~~~~P.S. 2 If u think that the phrases (片語) or vacabs (詞彙) are not at your English level (程度), simplify (簡化) it. Or else (又或者), add (加) your own ideas (心思).

    2007-09-03 23:52:33 補充:

    Tks for the full support & adoption in person by Anthony! Some revisions (修訂) as below: 1. Hence, I would use the power to provide all the books I need. 2. I only glance at the books so as to bear every single word in my mind. 3. Also, I can earn a living for my parents and me.

    Source(s): My creation
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    excuse me, are u trying to find people to do homework for u????!!!!

    besides, this is impossible. i dont know whether or not u are a boy or a girl and how old are u how am i suppose to make an essay for u?!?! if u are in f.5 and i gave u a essay of three wishes which is: candy, chocolate, and fairy tales ur teacher will immediately know that some body did it for you!?!?! what is wrong with u!!!

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