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沒有時間作,自由發揮,希望可以精彩點. composition>250

write a story about beginning with the following words:

Last night, I play TV games with my brother.Suddenly,I heard a loud noise from the street.

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    Last night, I played TV games with my brother. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise from the street. Therefore, I peeped outside the window to see what had happened. I was really shocked with what I saw: an aerolite just dropped from the sky! I screamed very loudly. My elder brother, Nelson, came nearby and asked me what happened. I told him everything and pointed the aerolite. When we were still discussing the situation, a strong suction was released from that object; Nelson and I were both inbreathed into the aerolite.

    “Eliza, wake up, Eliza!” Nelson was jolting my body. It was already morning when I had recollected my conscious. I observed the environment around us, it looked very familiar to me, and it seemed that I had seen this place before!

    “Where are we?” I asked my brother. “I am not sure, but, it seems that we are in the TV game.” He replied softly. “What? We are in the TV game?” I cried. He nodded his head and explained to me how he came to this conclusion.

    I agreed with him after hearing his analysis. “What should we do now?” I asked. At the time I finished asking, a boy like our age appeared. “Good morning, you two must be Nelson and Elizabeth, the two most powerful magicians in legend! Please, come and save us, an evil dragon is destroying our town.” He bowed down while his was talking to us, as if he was begging us. “What’s happening?” I whispered to Nelson’s ears. “I am not sure. But, perhaps that’s why we are here. We were called by the citizens in order to save them.” He murmured back.

    After a few discussions, we decided to follow the boy. I asked him whether his name was Jack, because there’s a character named Jack in the TV game. He nodded his head and looked at us with fascination, as if we were really magicians.

    I saw a huge dragon at the moment we arrived his town. I recognized that was the final boss that we had to defeat in the TV game. Brother and I were busy discussing the tactic to beat down the dragon; I was really excited because this was the very first time that I could defeat a monster with my own hands! When we were ready, Jack gave the both of us a sword, and a magical necklace; he said that would probably keep us safe. I thanked him and put it into my pocket.

    “It’s time to go.” Brother said. I nodded. We ran along the street to get closed to the dragon. We hit it with our swords, put there was not even a scratch, the dragon was really powerful. Nelson suddenly had an idea, he said he would entice the dragon to let it lose concentration, and I should beat it when he gave me a signal. “No! What if you get hurt?” “I won’t. This is just a game. I’ll be alright.” After answering me, he just stepped out and carried out his plan. I was really frightened and started weeping. I stopped after a few seconds, because I knew there were things waiting for me to finish.

    “Now, Eliza, now!” It was brother’s voice. I held my breath, grasped my sword, closed my eyes and jumped. I used all of my strength to hit the dragon. I wasn’t sure whether I succeeded or not, because I was too tired and fell from the sky.

    “Eliza, wake up. Eliza” It was brother again. I opened my eyes and looked around. I was surprised with what I saw: I was in my house again! I asked whether I succeeded defeating the dragon, but Nelson said he remembered nothing. He said it was probably a dream. “Perhaps he is right, that’s probably a dream.” I said to myself.

    I put my hand in my pocket, and I found a crystal necklace. I smiled. I knew it deep inside my mind, that was not a dream at all.

    “Eliza, do you want to play TV game? I found an interesting point, there are two new characters. They are, Nelson and Elizabeth.”

    PS.我想問呢,,你果句"Last night, I play TV games with my brother."

    係唔係應該用" played "而唔係" play "?



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  • 1 decade ago

    Last night, I play TV games with my brother. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise from the street. That was a really big “bang” from the street downstairs. I put off my game controller and then moved closer to the window. I quickly looked over the window and searched for what has been happening causing the big “bang”.

    The streetlights were kind of dim. I managed to see from the window that there must have been a car accident. It was a serious traffic accident which took place at the road junction downstairs about 10 meters away from the entrance of my building.

    Lots of people from the neighbourhood were standing at the spot to check out what had just happened. A yellow sports-car crashed into a medium-sized white colour truck. Both vehicles were badly damaged. The truck was badly hit with a door knocked off. The driver of the yellow sports-car was trapped in the car. . Some people were trying to help the driver of the truck to get out of the damaged vehicle. At that time a lot of cars were jammed on the road. Few meters away from the crashing scene there laid a bleeding body. As I was looking from a distance, I could not tell whether it was a man or a woman. The injured person lied on the road with his/ her legs seemingly injured.

    The police and the ambulance arrived in less than ten minutes after I started checking out for the big “bang” from the street. The injured person was sent to hospital immediately.

    I would not have imagined that a “bang” from the street would bring me to witness the result of a tragedy.

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