too close for comfort的動態歌詞..


mcfly 的 too close for comfort




或者是王力宏 - 我們的歌


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    [00:00.00]Mcfly - Too Close For Comfort

    [00:05.47]Album: Wonderland


    [00:24.62]I never meant the things I said

    [00:26.27]To make you cry

    [00:27.25]Can I say I'm sorry

    [00:31.29]It's hard to forget

    [00:33.28]And yes I regret

    [00:35.36]All these mistakes

    [00:40.07]I don't know why you're leaving me

    [00:42.02]But I know you must have your reasons

    [00:46.89]There's tears in your eyes

    [00:48.87]I watch as you cry

    [00:50.72]But it's getting late

    [00:54.84][02:03.07][03:07.76][03:38.99]Was I invading in on your secrets

    [01:02.13][02:10.47][03:14.91][03:46.18]Was I too close for comfort

    [01:04.50][02:12.83][03:17.48][03:32.99][03:48.70]You're pushing me out

    [01:06.46][02:14.79][03:19.18][03:34.86][03:50.50]When I'm wanting in

    [01:10.55][02:18.79][03:23.29][03:54.57]What was I just about to discover

    [01:17.59]When I got too close for comfort

    [01:20.19][02:28.56][04:04.21]Driving you home

    [01:23.75][02:32.35][04:07.97]Guess I'll never know

    [01:32.94]Remember when we scratched our names into the sand

    [01:35.69]And told me you loved me

    [01:39.63]But now that I find

    [01:41.55]That you've changed your mind

    [01:43.77]I'm lost for words

    [01:48.57]And everything I feel for you

    [01:50.30]I wrote down on one piece of paper

    [01:55.14]The one in your hand

    [01:57.06]You won't understand

    [01:59.28]How much it hurts to let you go

    [02:26.02][03:30.47][04:01.75]I got too close for comfort

    [02:34.88]All this time you've been telling me lies

    [02:38.41]Hidden in bags that are under your eyes

    [02:42.31]And when I asked you I knew I was right

    [02:46.52]But if you turn your back on me now

    [02:49.99]When I need you most

    [02:51.42]But you just let me down, down, down

    [02:56.22]Would you think about what you're about to do to me

    [03:00.14]And back down...

    [03:36.85](Yeh yeh yeh)


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