HEEEELP!!!!! Aerospace/Aviation/Weather Question!!!!!!!?

I've tried studying, and i cant find out how to do this, help!!! its a lot of grades for school:

From ISA to MSL, calculate the Temperature (in Celcious) and Pressure in mb and inches at the given altitude:

3450 FT

2478 M

3.52 KM

2.87 KM

3200 FT

4500 FT

8972 FT

2.78 KM

4377 M

10,154 FT

5000 FT

4650 M

3.8 KM

2000 FT

2350 FT

4450 FT

7200 FT

1500 FT


Anyone? At least i need answers, or someone explaining how to do this.

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    1 decade ago
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    What I understood is that you want to find out the standard values of ISA.

    If I am correct to assume this, then please refer the standard ISA values of temperature and pressure at MSL. the ISA also gives the rate of change with height. Apply this and u will get the answer.

    eg isa temp at msl is taken as 15 C. and temp gradient is 1.99 or take it 2 C. so at 3000 ft the temp isa is 15 - 6 = 9 C.

    msl pressure is 1013.2 hpa or 29.92 inces.

    So u can calculate. I hope this helps u.

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