Animal Crossing friends?

What do they mean when they say you need to get a friend to get a friend to shop at nooks to upgrade to the final one? Do they mean a character in the game or someone else that has Animal Crossing Wild World?

And how so you put stuff in your bedroom?

How does the end of the game go after you pay off ALL your mortgage?

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  • keb
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    1 decade ago
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    Usings Wifi, you need to have a friend with Animal Crossing come into your town and buy something from Tom Nook. Your animals won't shop at the store. :)

    You don't put stuff in your bedroom - as you pay off your house, you gain more, and larger, rooms, with more space to put more stuff.

    And after your mortgage is all paid off... It's just the way it was before it WAS all paid off. When it's done, you can use your extra bells to invest in more random items, stick them in your bank account, or donate bells to Boondox.

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    By "Get a friend" basically you just have to befriend some one do a lot of tasks for them.... and to put stuff in you bedroom is once you buy something go to the screen where you change clothes ( you have to be in your house )

    then just click the furniture and i should pop up in your room.

    I don't know the ending yet sorry :(

    Hope i helped

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