Security Key preventing hacking?

My yahoo account has been accessed/hacked twice in the last 10 days and this time I had to send actual picture identification to yahoo to get it back. I do not have a security key but am looking for any help in protecting the account which I have had for 10 years. I change my PW frequently; would a security key help and if so how do I create one? I only use Mail and no other features.......


FYI I have LiveCare on this system (not my choice); would it help if I also added lavasoft or another spyware tool to the kit to be sure no one is hacking in to me. The Yahoo account is the only one I have had problems with. Thank you for your help.

Update 2:

All 3 of you have given great info; Q&A Man thanks for all the detail and the links. I got stuck with a new laptop with Vista; I thought OneCare was all inclusive but you lead me to believe that the Spyware piece isn't effective. I am savvy enough not to be phished (I think) and this computer is not shared. I have only had the problem on my Yahoo account and then it was twice in 9 days. First time my personal name was changed to "Hacked by robie K" and the second was "Mr Buster Cherry". With the info provided by Sniff I am led to believe that I just need to change my PW more frequently then every 6 months the way I was; how often would be better? Once a month?

Every 2 weeks? FYI first time for answers site; you guys rock :)

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