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Who will be the best touchdown running backs in the NFL this year?

I have the #4 pick in my fantasy draft tomorrow. We are a touchdown based league, yards are basically worth sh!# in our league. 1 pt. for every 25 yards rushing or recieving. 6 pts/td. Should I grab Joseph Addai, Lawrence Maroney, Travis Henry, Larry Johnson, or someone else?

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    At # 4 you will have to grab Addai.If by some odd reason Larry Johnson is there get him.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Don't forget about Shaun Alexander. He is trimmed a bit this year and has something to prove after breaking his leg last year. He has looked amazing in camp and has a nose for the stripe. He will outscore any of the guys listed above. Addai has to share the scores with too many people, Maroney also has to share, Henry is a constant injury risk and LJ is not even going to be at full speed for a few weeks due to missing training camp.

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  • A lot of the guys you mentioned are talked about in this cool article from KFFL I was reading:


    I'd go after Larry Johnson definitely if he were available. He's a TD machine and, despite carrying the ball a record 416 times last season, he's the lone back in KC and an integral part of their offense. I think he'll go third in your league.

    If he's not there, get Frank Gore. He's on the rise with an offense that just got Darrell Jackson as another threat. Vernon Davis, their TE, is healthy as well. One of these two will be available in your league at fourth.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Stephen Jackson is a big bruising runningback, but if its a td league i would defintly pick Brandon Jacobs look at his numbers with Tiki basically being the endzone back and now without him he is going to have bigger production.

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