Very important...can someone tell me if my job is right for a 15 year old, or are my expectations to high?

Anyway, I applied and got the job to be a dishwasher at this very popular trendy restaurant, I thought it would be cool to work there and fun, they apparently had "flexible schedules". So I thought it would be great. So anyway I told them that during the school year I can only work Saturdays during the days and Sundays during the they have me scheduled for eight hour shifts (11-7) both days. The guy wanted me to work 7pm-2am school nights an I said absolutly not. And then today he asked me to work in addition to the weekend Friday nights for a eight hour shift...I need some time still to be with friends, have a night free to do what I want, etc. that too much to ask? So anyway he sarcastically and jokingly said "well your just ******* useless"...I still find that VERY offending even though he dident mean it that way. So then right now it's before school, and I have been working eight hour days (you have to work eight hours) and then tonight...


...and then tonight I had to work from 7pm-3am...I am just exhausted. I'm finding eight hours is way too much even when I am not in hows it going to be on the weekends during school?? I need to work like 4-6 hours shifts. And not to mention that the job is really bad, they don't pay you enough for what you do, and I just don't like it. And I find I don't fit in, since I am the youngest one there at 15, I feel like they cater to adults that want a full time job there. So do you think I should quit and just tell him it's not working out for me? And I am terrified to quit, I'm scared they are going to get mad...any suggestions with that? Also I have only been working there for a week and a half. I need all the opinions and suggestions you have.

Update 2:

Unfortunately were I live in Canada there is no laws about how much a child 15 and older can work. It is my first job and I find it physically draining to work that long.

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    There are always pros and cons to any job situation. You seem to have too may cons. You do not owe them anything, especially if they talk to you in an offencive manner. Quit. Check with the labour standards in your province to make sure that you are paid everything that is owed to you for the work that you have done.

    Even though McDonald's get a bad wrap about wages, they really accommodate students who want to work part time. So do other large chains such as Tim Horton's, Duncan donuts etc. Pay is not great, put is will help you out and will look great in future on your CV when you try for better jobs.

    Good luck.

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    You should think about a fitness program to stay in shape and on your toes at work. The better you feel, the more work you'll be up for doing and please tell me you're working now b/c you want to be as successful as you can be. It's okay to start now, even though you think your shifts are too long.

    Here's what you need to think about. You probably really don't want to quit. And I suggest that you do NOT quit but rather handle what you can at this place of business and eventually when you need to move UP, then you can leave.

    If you opt to only take the sat-sun 8hr shifts he'll understand you are not looking to gain so much and so they are getting less than expected from you, they will hire another person to take the job putting more stress on the management. He will only respect you less if you don't take initiative. Do all that you can without allowing it to affect your school career. If he askes you to work an extra shift but you aboslutely can not make it in (and this should be extremely rare btw) tell him okay that wont work but I'd love to come in and help out with ________ another time. Whatever works for you. And as you grow a little more comfortable working with the staff, you shoudl stop in every once in a while to show you are interested in how the business is going and that you're always ready to kick into gear if needed. The bond between management/employee is very special and can benefit you hugely.

    I don't agree that you should quit because if I'm understanding correctly, this is a more independant business with more room for you to advance, being a great place for you to gain experience.

    Keep on rockin'!!!!!!

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    That is too much for a 15 year old. I just turned 16 and am applying for jobs with 8 hours shifts after school, and I already know I won't be able to do it and have a social have to get your priorities straight first which in my opionion should be

    School--so deffinitely NO 8 hour shifts on school nights.

    Work--So if needed on a Friday night it would be a possibility.

    Friends--So there you have it. Friday night=yes During the week=no. Or quit if you find it to stressful but first be sure you have no bills that quitting would make it difficult to pay.

    Good Luck!!


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    You're only 15 - you're supposed to be enjoying your life right now. Quit the job, and who cares if they get mad or not. They'll find another dishwasher and won't even remember your name in a week. Nothing personal, that's just the way "unskilled labor" is treated much too often. You need to worry about yourself, not just your social life but your health. Not getting enough sleep will start to affect your health very quickly, and your school work soon after that. No job is worth it. Quit, find a part time job that understands the importance of education and will work with your school schedule, and start enjoying your life again!

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    I think its time for a new job...really. Here in the US that would be shouldn't be expected to work from 7pm to 3am and then get up to go to school a few hours later. I'm shocked your parents are allowing this, to be honest. Definitely find something else.

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    i only started working when i left school, mainly because i didn't want anything to interfere with my studies

    it is good that you have taken a job but it really is too much for your age, i would advise quiting but try to do so in a nice professional manner, then if you need a reference from them in the future they will give it to you

    and having some job experience will be good for the future, it looks great on a CV

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