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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 1 decade ago

Will the 21st century geo-political scene by dominated by E.U. type superstates and a few large nation states?

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    No. It might *look* that way on a superficial level, but anyone who knows anything about the politics will be able to tell you that the Companies and Corporations will be the ones behind the scenes really controlling everything.

    Simply put....the corruption you see in the United States, with all the lobbyists and influence groups and people buying elections like Diebold did for whole states? *That* will be the worldwide status quo shortly.

    Why? Because it's the only way The Corporate can keep their plans going, to become the Have Alls, while the rest of us ordinary people--poor or otherwise--become driven into the gutter to be Have Nones. Really. Look at how New Orleans is still a ruin, still has pockets of near East-African levels of misery....*that* is what your CEOs want for everyone *else* outside of their damned little clique.

    Gibson (the science fiction writer) had it right. Phillip K.Dick had it right. Civilization is screwed....simply because the Rich Guys say so, and nobody else has the fortitude to say no to the money. The Companies and Corporations will just wall themselves off from the rest of the world, live the high life behind their gated communities and armed guards, and the rest of us will have to scramble like we're in the Third World to get by.

    Call it the Plantation Age. It's what happened when Big Oil and Big Banking and their buddies *saw* the New Economy coming, saw that the Internet was actually making *ordinary people* wealthy without the feudal degrees of sucking up, and *didn't like it*. So they hired their cronies, G.W. Bush and Cheney among them, to shut it down with prejudice.

    But yeah. In short, things will *only look* like what you describe. The reality will be very different for ordinary people who aren't part of the multi-billionaire set.

    I hope this helps. I hope this *galvanizes* someone to actually get off their duff and *resist* and fight this future that the Rich Guys and the politicians and Media and big religions they own want to shove down our throats.

    But I'm not holding my breath. -_- Thanks for your time.

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