Where in the Holy Quran does it say the earth is like a Sphere?

The Quran in Sura A'Naziat:

79:30 And the earth, moreover, hath He extended (to a wide expanse);

So 'Dahaha' means that Allah extended the earth and leveled .It means flat surface. It does not mean the shape of an egg or ostrich egg. What are your views on this?


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    The key word in the above verse is “dahaha”. In Arabic, there is a phrase, “iza dahaha” which means “when he throws the stones over the ground to the hole”. The hole is called “Udhiyatun”. “Almadahi” signify round stones according to the size of which a hole is dug in the ground in which the stones are thrown in a game. “Almadahi” also signify a round thing made of lead by the throwing of which persons contend together. So there is a signification of ROUNDNESS in the root of the word “dahaha”. According to some etymologists, the word for the “egg of an ostrich” also has the same root as “dahaha”. They also take from this that the earth is of the shape of the egg of an ostrich. Latest science findings confirm that the earth is not exactly spherical but the earth is an ellipsoid, i.e. flattened by its poles,[ just like the shape of an egg of an ostrich].

    The Arabic words for “flat” or “level” or “straight shaped” are “sawi” and “almustavi”. There is not a single place in Quran where there is any indication of the earth being “flat” or “straight shaped”. The word “faraash” in 2:22, 51:48; the word “wasia” in 4:97, 29:56, 30:10; the word “mahd” in 20:53, 43:10, 78:6; the word “basaat” in 71:19; the word “suttihat” in 88:20; and the word “tahaaha” in 91:6, all may mean, “to spread”, “to expand” or “to extend” with slight differences in their connotations but none signify the earth being straight-shaped or flat.

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    I noticed that in the Qur'anic verse you qouted only the word "dahaha" was mentioned and you went into explaining what the word "dahaha" means. Have you not noticed that you gave YOUR OWN EXPLANATION to the word dahaha?

    Who cares about your understanding of the word dahaha? Do you have any theological and scientific qualification to translate the word dahaha and tell us what it means? The Qur'an says dahaha, where does it says the earth was leveled and flat surfaces? That is YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. Do not put into the Qur'anic texts what is not there!!!!

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