Will you silly humans worship the goddess Lois?

i need grapes and fanning..yes. thank you little people. haha
Update: you will be my head priest food dude or i'll just make you in charge of the hamburgers haha
Update 2: ahhh evil you will be head executioner..haha get it "head" haha
Update 3: pat your head priesttes of the temple virgins young girls..wait a sec did you fill out the paperwork right haha
Update 4: thank you berty the grapes are great but your in charge of the clothes. please get evil a ax , pat a sarong and food dude ketsup haha
Update 5: and little jenny will be my girlfriday. call the newspapers jenny i'm coming over.
Update 6: ahh larry L your a warrior good .. you can defend me even though you are a unbeliver...hmmm lets see captain larry now go...
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