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do the benefits of nuclear medicine outweigh the risks?


An argument of some sort would be nice, rather than yes or no.

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    Nuclear medicine exams save a lot of people unnecessary surgeries and help with diagnosis. Your doctor should know when the exam needed. Perhaps you are having abdomen pain, sonography and/or CT scan don't show anything. A gallbladder scan will show that the gallbladder is actually functioning correctly or not. Nuclear medicine bone scan will show areas of increase uptake in bone showing areas where there may be hidden bone cancer metastasis with out doing x-rays head to toe, also shows up things like arthritis and stress fractures. Tagged red blood cell scans will help locate sources of bleed for people who are losing blood but the doctor doesn't know where. Nuclear medicine has a scan they do that is for brain death, so that organ transplants can take place. Yes lots of people are scared of the word radiation,but in the case of diagnostic scanning the dosage is small. Risk vs benefit is always a question when working with radiation, that is why you cant just walk in and request a x-ray or exam yourself. The personal physician, the radiologist, and the technologist are all there to keep you safe and health.

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    The benefits of Nuclear anything are awesome.

    Because nuclear is associated with destruction and has been denegrated by environmentalists doesn't mean it isn't the cleanest and best form of energy available.

    We need to open nuclear plants in every county in this country and then this so called energy-crisis can be put to bed.

    Nobody died or was injured at Three Mile Island.

    And the amount of deaths to date associated with Chernobyl is 58. That may rise in the future but faulty Russian design was responsible, not just because it was a nuclear facitlity.

    Source(s): The truth hurts treehuggers.
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    a million. hi. advantages of utilising nuclear capability are:- i) Nuclear capability is often decrease priced. all of us know that nuclear means flowers produce electrical energy at an extremely short span of time. ii) they don't emit any form of volatile greenhouse gases. iii)Nuclear gasoline is a significant & risky element to deal with. So, greater form of execs are required to be employed to deal with them. So, this could advance jobs & employment.

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