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Anonymous asked in 健康其他 - 健康 · 1 decade ago

what is the meaning of sex

people in hong kong are becoming more open to sex, actually way too open, it's just really pathetic that most kids dont even know how girls get pregnant, and they still do it and then worry about it afterwards. has everyone lost their mind ? sex used to be the most intimate bond between lovers, and now people have sex because they are curious because of their animalitic need, blah i just want to know what you people think, i am just curious


i see that a lot of people get curious by reading the title... but i guess it is quite a question that no one could answer yet

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your Title make people think it is a foolish question ....

    Well .... I can sure that is not .....

    Sex is one of the relationship between men and women. This should only happen when the man and the woman love each other, cause Sex should bring a life birth.

    However, as you said, our mind become more and more open.

    If you look at mainland China and Japan ...

    You will find that Hong Kong is the close society of sex instead of open.

    Information age push sex information to everywhere, therefore younger and younger that we can receive these information.

    So what can we do?

    I do think that we should clear up our mind.

    We should love before sex.

    We should not want to love, so use sex as a weapon.

    We should talk more sex, to lower the curious.

    Most important, we should think SEX is not a bad thing but for lover only, and only for that only one, with you together forever.

    My English is poor, hope above can explain my view.

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