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Taiwanese, honest or dishonest

As title,

A foreigner in Taiwan is always complain about Taiwan and Taiwanese...blah blah... on Yahoo answers.

He said he was cheated by a dentist in Taipei,he doesn't like too much airpollution, he dislike cockroaches ,insects...etc , he is complain when he bought clothing at stores why the sales sell him higher price than the tag showed, he thinks the sales has different and higher price for foreigners.

Taiwanese loves face saving.....etc

I don't know, are Taiwanese honest or dishonest?

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    Maybe thats how he thinks; also maybe who he meet or who he has talk to isn't a nice guy! Actually as I'm a Taiwanese can't decide are Taiwanese people is honest or not, so MY ANSWER IS

    [Depends on which people you meet and what kind of mind you have]

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