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What do you think of the jelly bean summit?

This month, the "leaders of North America met with the CEOs of:

Manulife Financial

Power Corporation of Canada

Ganong Bros Ltd

Suncor Energy Inc


Linamar Corporation

Bell Canada Enterprises

Canfor Corporation

Home Depot


Mittal Steel USA

New York Life

General Motors


Merck & Company


General Electric


Lockheed Martin

Kansas City Southern

Campbell's Soup



and a host of Mexico's largest corporations to discuss a jelly bean inventory problem." (Ridiculous).

Read about it here:

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  • lilly4
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    1 decade ago
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    Jelly bean summit

    National Post

    Published: Thursday, August 23, 2007

    We don't think this week's meeting in Montebello between the United States, Canada and Mexico will be remembered as the Jelly Bean Summit, though it should be. If it is remembered that way we will have David Ganong to thank.

    Mr. Ganong is president of St. Stephen, N.B.-based Ganong Bros. Ltd., a company that makes chocolates and jelly beans and has been around for 134 years. Mr. Ganong was one of six business leaders asked to attend the summit. What he had to say contained so much common sense we hope his words resonate with politicians throughout North America whenever they think about those things that hinder the free flow of goods across our borders. Mr. Ganong spoke about how his jelly beans are packaged and the various rules that determine what that packaging has to have printed on it. The same point applies to everything else Ganong Bros. produces and to scores of other companies.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well I thought the cops dressed up as protesters was kinda offbeat.

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