Changing Jobs?

I just started with my new job at company A (2 weeks), but another company (company B) just called me for an interview.

My job now in A is ok - environment, officemates, the work itself. I don't have any background about the industry but I'm slowly learning. BUT it offers a low salary.

Company B is offering a slightly higher salary and it's located in the city I really would like to work in (I'm more familiar with the city and I have friends there). I also don't have any background about the industry but I'm willing to learn.

If I get accepted in B, is it ok to resign from A? I feel guilty for staying for such a short time. Also, I'm so confused deciding between Career or Financial aspects. I don't know what is more important.

Note: I'm single, working abroad alone, have 2.5 years work experience, not afraid to work hard, learn and save money BUT social and general well-being are also important to me.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As others have said before me.... go to the interview, and see what you think, better to make a more informed decision than an uninformed one!

    Also as far as feeling guilty about leaving your current job so soon.... most jobs have a three month probabtionary period before you are considered permanent. This gives the employee as well as the employer the opportunity to terminate employment for whatever reasons.

    I understand where you are coming from when you say you feel guilty, but after such a short time, you would not have built up a strong loyalty to the company. Would the company be as loyal to you after 2 weeks, if something affected your ability to work, or if you were not performing your role to their expectations?

    A balance between personal life and career is very important, and definitely not something to be ignored when making decisions such as this!

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  • 3 years ago

    there is advantages on the two elements: Sticking to one interest for an prolonged era shows which you have committment and loyalty. You learn the interior workings of the enterprise. As an expert in this container you will in basic terms understand this enterprise. changing jobs additionally shows which you want to earnings new qualifications and get to appreciate diverse people and new people. you would be a 'jack of all trades' yet according to hazard 'grasp of none'. for my section this is not important which path you're taking at the instant, as long as you turn it right into a favorable... eg... enterprise: So Mr Peplu, I see which you have had numerous jobs interior the previous 3 years- grow to be there any particular reason at the back of that? Peplu: This has actual labored out in my benefit as I even have learnt new working practices and have been given to fulfill some outstanding people! the main important element is which you turn something that is unfavourable into some thing it relatively is valuable.

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  • 1 decade ago

    how'd u land a job abroad? i'd like one...

    anyway, we all want what's best for us. and it appears that you really like the opportunities being offered by co. B over co. A...if i were you, i'd pursue co. B WHILE working with co. A. but during said time, i would have had told co. A my plans - file my resignation letter, etc. i won't be leaving them immediately, because for sure, they'd be needing time to look for a replacement (so, then, that's a win-win situation right there: i still have work, they still have a worker for the time being!) shouldn't be that hard a decision to make --- environment/industry-wise, they're relatively similar; but the other is better in terms of its pay. as for me, the finc'l aspect of the job is important at this point of my life. so, i'd be choosing co. B if i were in your shoes...

    leaving co. A too early shouldn't bother you much. (we got the same situation, and it didn't bother me at all. we're all parting ways in good terms, after about 3 months --- gave them a whole month to find a replacement. i'll be leaving my post tomorrow, by the way...)


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    go to the interview with Co. B, check out the place and assess if you think you'll fit in the work environment. its ok to leave Co. A if Co. B's job offer is higher. a higher salary, no matter how slight, makes a difference. the point of leaving your home country and working somewhere else is to earn more right? since you have no experience in both industries, think of it in a long-term manner. a good deciding factor is: which company is more stable and offers more opportunities for advancement?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Take the first step and take the interview. If they like you and want to hire you and you feel it is a good move for you then take the job. No need to worry about leaving Job A, but be sure to leave nicely, you may do business with them in the future. Thank them for the opportunity and give them a 2 week notice. Best of luck!


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