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from the point of your view, what kind of work should IT graduates be able to do?

i'm just wondering, what skills that an IT graduate should have? if you were one of them you should know. however, if you are not, what kind of work an IT graduate is supposed to know?

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    1 decade ago
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    IT or information technology has been defined in many different ways. To some people a system administrator would be an IT person to others it would not.

    Services offered by IT professional.

    Service Offerings

    All of these offerings may be framed as either a Project or as part of a Leadership Service engagement:

    IT Strategy

    Develop realistic plans and specific action items to enhance business performance, re-engineer key functions, grow your business…and/or save money.

    Merger and Acquisition, Due Diligence and Integration

    Identify the systems which contribute most to value creation/preservation. Examine the level of dependency upon existing systems and resources, the "health" of the systems and the level of severability. Evaluate the repeatability and portability of the mission critical operations. Assess the impact of outstanding vendor agreements on acquisition and transition. Quantify the relative cost of key business processes and the degree of customization. Develop and implement the transition plan.

    IT Assessment

    An initial assessment of your IT capability, set against the backdrop of your business vision or direction. This assessment is sized and timed to the specific issues and needs of your business. We will identify your opportunities and gaps in the Seven "P’s" Purpose, Profitability, Performance, Projects, Process, Platform and People. Further, we provide an action plan with measures to ensure Progress.

    IT Governance

    Originate IT projects with realistic valid business case, strategic alignment with business initiatives. Establish practical tools to determine the relative value, risk and reward of IT investment alternatives. Prioritize your investments in line with your business strategy. Hold project managers and business sponsors accountable for results. Develop a Portfolio Management approach for your IT investments.

    Program/Project Management Office

    Design, Develop and Implement the people, processes and tools to effectively manage your IT initiatives. Monitor and control to the specifics of Time, Budget and Scope/Quality.

    Project Management and/or Project "Rescue"

    You may have a project in the works that appears headed for the rocks. We have the scars of real world experience to; determine whether the project is truly worth doing, determine whether it is salvageable, identify the corrective actions necessary and immediately take those corrective actions. As we said…We "Do" What We "Recommend".

    IT Organization Effectiveness

    Design and restructure for top performance at lowest reasonable cost. Applying measures and service levels to ensure accountability for results. Implement innovative incentive systems to maximize the inherent motivation and inertia of your IT team.

    Build Sustained IT Capability

    Identify and implement the practices and processes required to have repeatable processes in the areas which matter most to your business.

    Develop People

    Mentor and coach your IT talent into effective performers and leaders. We will also tell you whether this is feasible, or whether your people belong in roles better suited to their competencies.

    Perform Outsourcing Feasibility

    There are many reasons for considering Outsourcing, and there are many flavors of Outsourcing arrangement. We will work with you closely to evaluate both objectively. We will be there with you to "DO"… including service level negotiations and implementation.

    Vendor and Contract Negotiations

    Ensure you select the right vendor for the right reasons at the right price point, and that all parties have a clear knowledge of the performance expectations…with Measures. Enforce performance with appropriate monitoring, measures and penalties/rewards.

    Develop and Implement eCommerce Strategy

    Despite the dot com bust, there are many ways to practically and cost-effectively improve customer experience, link with your suppliers or reach new channels/markets.

    Improve IT Infrastructure Reliability and/or Performance

    It is perhaps not profitable for all of your technology to operate at "Six Sigma" levels of performance. We’ll help you identify those which are mission critical or productivity barriers. We will measure, diagnose, recommend and improve these platforms. Finally, we will implement the measures, processes, incentives and accountabilities to ensure ongoing monitoring and improvement.

    Develop IT Architecture

    Assess the suitability of your current systems and technology to accomplish your business goals. Identify the key opportunities to improve in ways which will bring business value. Develop and implement a pragmatic implementation plan which fits within your expense and capital budgets.




    IT professionals do not program computers or repair computers. Electronic Technitions A+ certified people and electrical engineering and computer science majors would normaly do that stuff.




    Network administration are system engineering clearly under the broad umbrella of IT professional but most IT degrees do not include MCSE Cisco Unix administration classes.




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  • 1 decade ago

    An IT graduate should be able to fix computers. That means managing a company's computers and operating systems as well as fixing a persons PC, in my opinion.

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  • 1 decade ago

    u must know about software engineering,system software,network (CISCO certificate more better),information system development,fundamental of computer graphic..

    Source(s): cisco.netacad
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