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Is WR Marcus Monk of Arkansas related to Art Monk?

the former WR for the Redskins.

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    No! The previous answer is incorrect. Marcus Monk of Arkansas is NOT the son of Art Monk. Marcus Monk is from the state of Arkansas but Art Monk and his family live in New York and near D.C.

    Accoring to an Arkansas fan site (link below) Marcus is the son of Dewayne Perry and Jackie Monk.

    Art Monk does have a son (James) and 2 daughters.

    Put Art in the Hall of Fame! Go Skins!

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    Marcus Monk

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    It's his son. Grandpa is the great jazz musician Theloneus Monk.

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    bulletproof monk is his cousin's co-worker's brother's neighbor's uncle's twin brother's ex-boss' former mistress' father's favorite movie.

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