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Yellowstone National Park?

Does Yellowstone National Park run into Montana??

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    Montana is one of the three states that provide land for Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is a fantastic travel destination for anyone who revels in nature and rambling through beautiful landscapes. In fact, one of the main entrances to the park, the West Entrance, is in Montana, as are a few of the park’s campgrounds. Many people stop in Livingston, Montana to enjoy some urban fun before heading off into the wilderness of Yellowstone.

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    Yes. Part of the western edge of the park is in Montana. The West Entrance to the park is in West Yellowstone, MT. The northern edge of the park is in Montana as well with the North Entrance located just south of Gardiner, MT.

    Check out this map of the park. It shows the state boundaries.

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    It's named "Yellowstone" because the sulfur in the water table and hot springs stain the rocks and stones . . . yellow. Yellowstone lies on the continental ridge . . . so all rivers from there either flow west to the Pacific or east to the Atlantic. Scientists have been conducting surveys at Lake Yellowstone for the past several decades. The lake has actually tilted 20 feet in one direction because the earth on the other side is rising due to the magma chamber under the park. So when they say it's an active volcano . . . it's active. More like a sleeping giant !!!

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    Yes, I believe the very western and northern area of Yellowstone is in Montana. You can find a map of it on-line.

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