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Is this an example of Intelligent Design?


Neal Degrasse Tyson - Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. Host of PBS's Nova scienceNow. At the age of 15 was giving lectures on astonomy, leading to some fame in the scientific community. Actively recruited by Carl Sagan (who was a Cornell Board member at the time). Chose to attend Harvard, earning his B.A. in physics. Earned an M.A. in astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin. Earned a Ph.D. from Columbia in astrophysics. Was awarded NASA's highest honor, the Distinguished Public Service Medal. Was mostly responsible for having Pluto removed from the list of planets. Has EIGHT honorary doctorates. Is neither an atheist nor religious. Serves on the commission (appointed by the president) to devise the "moon, Mars and beyond" mission.

What an idiot, good point.

Update 2:

Wow, Wisemancumth, you may actually be the dumbest person on here today. I'm tempted to give you the best answer award! Scientists are telling us hurricanes and tsunamis are caused by man-made global warming? Which "liberal scientist" told you that? Did he have big red shoes on and a tin foil hat?

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    No. That is an example of a moron!

    Source(s): He can't even spell crocodile correctly. This guy gives intelligence a bad wrap!
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    yes. I've never seen better arguments for the existence of God. Earth is the only known place in the universe that can support life. The only thing that puzzles me is what does birth defects have to do with God. I thought scientists were telling us that hurricanes and tsunami's were the result of man made global warming. He needs to be a little more consistent on that point. The earth is fragile yet life has survived for billions of years. We are nothing compared to the universe, isn't that what theologians have been telling us for thousands of years? Liberal scientists just discovered that in the last few decades.

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    Don't worry, some God fearing fanatic will tell you that is the Lord's justice for our sins. Hurricanes, Aids, etc. are all justified because we are sinners. What are the rewards of being pious? Heaven? That is a dream that you must believe in and it means that we are meant to suffer here on Earth. Intelligent Design? Let's try plain intelligence first.

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    I'm going to explain this as simply as I can:

    When God made the earth, He made it perfectly. Adam and Eve each had 23 chromosomes, and they were in perfect order. After Adam rebelled against God, all of the imperfections came about; He opened Pandora's Box, if you will.

    See, when Adam was in right relationship with God, humanity had God's protection. Once Adam sinned, humanity fell out from under God's protection, and has been out from under it ever since, except for those who have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.

    Now, all of the imperfections that this guy talks about are the result of humanity being out from under God's protection. I think that that pretty much explains it . . .

    As far as sensing CO2 and Electromagnetic waves, name one creature that can detect CO2 and the entire elctromagnetic spectrum . . .

    Source(s): Bible, Ken Hamm, Ron Carlson, Common Sense
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    you know I was going to try to sedriosly consider that video but i'm sorry the guy is just ranting in his own opinion. he is not arguing intelligently or making any valid points. He is even insulting to evolutionists who believe the earth is millions of years old. hes just ranting pointlessly. Sorry but I wasn't impressed.

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    God never even attended high school. What would you expect of an uneducated creator?

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    I'm not sure about that...but I have the best evidence AGAINST Intelligent Design that you'll find anywhere..

    George W. Bush....

    'nuff said....

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    No, it's an example of a world corrupted because man welcomes Satan into it with open arms on a daily basis.

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    intelligent design isn't.

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    that's what I'm sayin!

    Source(s): that is GREAT thank you!
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