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Tammy asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

Can a severe dental infection cause severe anxiety?

For the past like 4 months, I have been batteling with severe panic attacks and general anxiety. I had anxiety issues about 8 years ago, but they seemed to go away. When they came back, I just figured it was my anxiety issues flaring up, so I went to the doctor and got put back on meds.

Well, I recently got a tooth pulled that was SEVERELY infected, and abcessed. Since then, my anxiety seems to be gone. Has anyone ever heard of a dental infection causing anxiety???

Strange, huh?

Thanks to all who answer!

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    1 decade ago
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    It can lead to nervous disorders as the nerves are affected, so yes in a round about way--increase heart rate, anxiety, massive infection and even immune system problems! These infections can breach the blood/brain barrier too! Be thankful, I know people who cannot afford to get their teeth fixed!!

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    I know that infected root canals can cause tonic seizures; i.e., seizures of the muscles wherein you seize up and your whole body is as stiff as a board. You can hear what is going on around you but you can't open your eyes or move and if someone tries to draw blood, the needle will not go into your body.

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    Wow thanks for the tip !! I have been having a rotten tooth for around an year and a half,It used to have bags of pus back when I had the whole tooht (the sixth tooth on the lower right side) and ever since the tooth got bad I ve been having anxiety and panic atacks,usually I m the calmest person I know ....ever... and now I know whats up thanks to you! I read this post a few days back and got a detist apointment hopfully in a few days Im gonna be back to my carefreeself. My deepest gratitude dude thanks for the eye opening post!!!

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    deffinetley i got my wisdom teeth taken out, and that caused alot of anxiety to me, yes its very likley that has been causing your anxiety. good luck

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    certainly yes

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