Zcans, (wait I mean Whyttchz or whykans or however you want to spell it) show me your power?

Okay Zcans, I mean whyttchez or whatver, I got a lot of thumbs down in another question for saying that none of you have any power, have ever had any power or ever will and it's all a load of bunk. Prove me wrong.

Cast some sort of spell showing your power. Heck, I openly challenge you to cast spells at me. Give me the worst you've got. Make me lose my job, break a leg, whatever you've got. Heck just use your Majix (or however you wanna spell that one today) to conjure up my favorite movie or something and post it on here.

But wait let me guess, you all conveniently can't be troubled to waste your time proving your powers to me. Funny every single witch and Zcan I've ever met has had that same time management problem.

So go ahead whyychz and Zcans, cast away. Let's see your power, let's see how crappy you can make my life, or what shred of evidence you can give to prove your power.

Oh wait none? Ok back to your parents basements and your dungeons and dragons games.


And on the off chance you have sold your soul to Satan and do have some real power (unlikely though, even Satan isn't willing to give you evil power, all he does is take), I'm still not worried, for greater is he that is in me (Jesus Christ, the son of God) than he that is in the world (Satan, lord of this world).

There may be some out there who truely do have a pact with the devil, so just letting you know that I'm not worried about you either, for the Lord is my Shepherd

Update 2:

Oh have been dared to show God's power. Of course Christians unlike whitches do not claim to be able to do anything with God's power other than have eternal salvation. So, no, I cannot cast some God spell or something and prove it to you. Christianity, unlike the claims of whitches, does not give anyone any supernatural power.

Update 3:


You ask what a Zcan is, I ask what an Xtian is? If Wiccans are free to spell Christian however they want, I can spell Wiccan however I want.

Update 4:

Oh, now my spelling problem has come into play. Of course no one seems to get that I'm making a sardonic reference to the way many of them spell "witch" or "magic" in a manner that is completely made up.

And will I pray for you to turn Christian? I pray for the good news to be brought to all people of the world. But the Lord does not force himself on anyone, I can only hope for you to be given the good news Jesus Christ from someone you can trust, and you will accept it on your own.

Note: I am not trying to convert you in this message. Since it's pretty harsh, that probably wouldn't be the route to go. I'm just trying to point out thr foolishness of witchcraft. If one persone reads it and thinks to themselves, "you know, they really don't have anything they claim, it's a load of bunk," than mission accomplished.

One step at a time...

Update 5:

Why would anyone want to show me thier power? I don't kn ow to prove yourself not loony, to shut up someopne who is harrassing you. Has any witch ever wanted to show thier power?

As predicted everyone conveniently doesn't want to show thier power and has some excuse as to I am not worhty, or why would they want to or something, or I wouldn't know it even if they did. How the heck do you know it worked then?

Ask yourself, do you really believe you have power, or is this a hogwash make believe game you play to pass time?

In the end though it seems I am the only one with any sort of power as I did accurately predict the excuses of not wanting to / be capable of / be bothered to / etc. to pour in.

Of course my only "power" is common sense.

Update 6:

No, Xtian is not a sign of respect for Christians. If it was, Christians would call themselves that, or at least somene other than Zcans would call them that. It's just some thing someone dreamed up in thier Mom's basement to try and draw attention to Christians, because poking at Christians seemed like a good witchy thing to do.

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    I agree with LabGirl - that's Harry Potter stuff. (Not that I don't think HP is fun :)

    The Craft is a chosen way of life, and a very challenging one at that. We've no tortured Being to 'suck up our sins' for us - we are accountable for everything in our lives.

    Certainly 'power' exists - do you not acknowledge the 'power' in your own chosen spiritual path ? Has somebody actually been 'threatning' you with spells, potions, bad mojo, etc. ? Better lighten up over all that - you'll ruin your day.

    Do you watch "King of the Hill ?" My favorite episode is the one where Bobby joins a coven - hilarious ! Check it out when you get a chance.

    Meantime - live and let live to ya', brother. *bless*SJ

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    I am a Wiccan, I don't cast spells. As for my powers, I could show you the resume that says I am fully trained in PCR, microscopy, tissue culture, statistical software and the like, but then you'd have my phone #, and you seem like a creep.

    You mean those Harry Potter people, sweetie.

    Edit: Btw, you silly person, the abbreviation Xian comes from the Chi (X) for Christ used by Greek Monks. They wrote Xian and X and Xmas as a sign of RESPECT as some people now write G-d, not god. So not only do you know nothing about Wicca, you know nothing about your *own* religion...the religion you claim to follow...I see no evidence of Christianity in your behaviors.

    Edit, once more: Just because you do not know what xian means does not change the meaning and historic usage of it.

    Source(s): Wiccan for over 20 years, and I obviously know more about it than you.
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    Here's a dose of your own medicine - pray for me turn me christian. How about that? I'm waiting....

    And learn to spell, you freakin' 'tard.

    Edit: I know my spells work. I don't have to prove that to ANYONE. The only person that needs proof is me. Just because you haven't experienced it first hand is not our fault. If you want to see magick so badly, maybe you should try it yourself.

    Oh, and one more thing, I was raised Christian. I was "saved" when I was five. My parents are Baptist Sunday School teachers and my grandfather is a Preacher! Trust me, I know all I need to know. I'm perfectly happy being a witch - my fiance and children love me, I have a nice apartment, a good job, and I don't need all you xtians telling me that I'm a terrible person and I'm going to hell. All paths are valid and lead to the divine. Get over yourself.

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    Riddle me this - why? Why in the world would anyone who has any ability be even tempted to try to show you? Assume that you did have something "odd" happen to you - you break your leg, your car gets a flat, you lose your job, whatever - would you *honestly* believe? Or would you, like any other person who's issued the same challenge before, write it off as "coincidence"?

    You seem to think that we have the time, energy, and desire to perform like circus animals for every skeptic that wants proof. You've got about as much chance as "proving" the power of prayer, and are about as likely to have people show it off for you. Magic isn't about lobbing fireballs around or anything like that; it's little tweaks here and there, stuff that's not terribly obvious. Stuff that, like all the skeptics before, you'd likely write off as being random chance.

    Your heart isn't pure, you're not worthy to seek the Grail. Sorry, Charlie.

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    So as i sit in my shark cage watching all the blue sharks circle do i ever think to look down at the cloud of jellyfish rising to the surface?

    We don't know you, so rave and hop all you want, remember to judge not others so that you will not be judged.

    Hold your shield of Christ as if it was a comforting blanket and rejoice that we have never met!

    Source(s): Solitary
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    I know you have personal issues... how about this... go run several laps around your house/ apt. and use that energy you waste on posting on something more useful....

    You must be bored?

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    what the hell is a zcan?

    Stop making stuff up and get a life, like you insist others must.

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    You show me god's power then. Come on, I dare you.

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    For Me to fly My broom

    UP YOUR AS$?!?!?!

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