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who was Xerxes?

the persian rulers were darius, his son cyrus, non royalty ahaserius then his and esthers son darius 2


in the year 465 bc babylone under king nebuchadezzar ruled the world it wasn't until about 400 bc that darius of persia overthrew balthazzar son of nebuchadezzar

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    King of Persia (486-465 B.C.) son of Darius and Atossa. By 483 he had crushed rebellions in Egypt and Babylonia and had begun to assemble a vast imperial army and navy to invade Greece in retaliation for the Greek victory over Darius at Marathon in 490.In the spring of 480 Xerxes set forth from Sardis at the head of the greatest force ever assembled in antiquity. Crossing the Hellespont by a bridge of boats, he marched through Thrace, Macedonia and Thessaly, and after overcoming the Spartans at Thermopylae, quickly overran central Greece and Attica.

    Meanwhile, though a storm had seriously damaged the Persian fleet, the Greek navy withdrew from Artemisium. The Persian fleet arrived at Phalerum as Xerxes captured Athens. From Mount Aigaleos Xerxes's witnessed the naval battle of Salamis, in which the Greeks under Themistocles routed the Persians. Cut off from his supplies. Xerxes withdrew to Asia, leaving his General Mardonius to complete operations in Greece. The Persian, however, met defeat in 479 at both Plataea and Mycale. After 12 more years fighting, Xerxes' forces were driven out of Asia Minor. Xerxes was later assassinated by a Guard Captain, Artabanus. Xerxes is "Ahasuerus of Esther".

    Source(s): Encyclopedia International.
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    Xerxes I of Persia ruled as the King of Persia between 485 BC to 465 BC.

    Darius I of Persia or Darius the Great is the predecessor of his son Xerxes.

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    One was son of Darius I, a Shah of the Persian Empire, the biggest of its time. He led the 480 BCE invasion of Greece. Are you saying that Xerxes should be called Cyrus? I recall Cyrus the Great much earlier, so another Cyrus would be Cyrus II. I did not hear before that Xerxes should be Cyrus, but it is something on which to do research. Esther was in the Bible, so I do not think that she was really in Persian history. I think you should do more research about this. I shall.

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    It seems there are many Xerxes. Check here for a link to the one you're looking for:

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    he was the Persian ruler who passed his empire on to his son Xerox, who copied everything he did....

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