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Best way to win money betting on football?

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    Go to the bookies and get two copies of the "long coupon" for the weekend matches. Choose 2 home banker teams and enter them as 1 in the column next to and just to the right of the team names. Then pick 50 x correct scores for other remaining teams in correct score column and enter all of these. I use 1-1 and 2-1. Do not include the bankers in this column for obvious reasons

    Choose your stake and in the perm column write the following :

    2 team accumulator from first column with any correct score from correct score column 50 bets @ (your stake - say £1) = £50. Most bookies will let you stake from as little as 5p making a bet of £2-50 per coupon.

    You need two coupons as you need one for each of the correct scores.

    If you can pick two home teams with odds of around 8/11 and they win, you will have close on £3 going onto the 50 correct scores. In an average week between 10 and 25 of these come up and it can be very lucrative. Prices for a 1-1 draw are usually around 11/2 and for a 2-1 scoreline, around 15/2.

    When you start to make money you can do one of two things - either increase your stake or put in more teams as home bankers but I do not suggest going above 5 here.

    Do not forget that you can also use most accumulator bets for football as well so you can get some nice returns with doubles, trebles and bigger especially if you cover all possible outcomes (i.e. do not just do a 5 timer but cover all the doubles, trebles and 4 timers as well in the same bet. Costs more money but you will still get a return if some teams let you down).

    Football betting is much easier to win at than horses and dogs because there are only 3 possible outcomes to each match. Remember in an 8 horse race - 7 will LOSE !

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      just put all that money on the two bankers if you are sure it will pay more!!! try the math your self

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    The two most common ways to bet are either straight up betting or betting against the spread.

    Straight up is easy. This is just who you think will win. If you pick the winning team you win the bet. You will have to pay double whatever they gave you. So $5 would be $10.

    You can also bet against the spread. This is the prediciton on who vegas is choosing to win and by how many points. This makes it so every game is bettable. Like we know an NFL team would crush a college team and the spread was created so even if though a team is a major favorite you can still bet on the game. How this works is a team will be favored by a certain amount of point. I think the patriots are favored by 3 points. So a Giants win or if they lose by only 2 it makes the person who picked the Giants win. If the patriots win by more than 3 then whoever picks the patriots win. If they win by exactly 3 points then it is a push. Normally you would just give them back whatever they put in and nothing more. To avoid this make the tiebreaker either whoever gets closest to picking the finals score, or the total amount of points scored.

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    How To Win Money Betting

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