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any girls who have NEVER been to the gynecologist ?

i'm 24 years ols and have been sexually active since 20 or 21 .. I've never been to the gynecologist .. should this be of any concern ?


i dont have insurance u know about how much it should cost ?

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    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists or ACOG recommends that Pap smear testing begin within three years of sexual intercourse, or by age 21.

    Even young women who have not become sexually active need to visit a gynecologist by age 21. The ACOG further recommends yearly Pap smears until age 30 when healthy women who have had at least three consecutive normal Pap smears may begin to have the test every two or three years, or as often as their gynecologists suggest.

    You should always see your gynecologist if you experience:

    any unusualy and/ or persistent vaginal discharge,

    bleeding between periods,

    or bleeding after sexual intercourse.

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    I've been going every year since I was 18. When I was in college, I used Planned Parenthood and they work on a sliding scale, meaning the more money you make, the more you pay and the less money you make, the less you pay. If you are a student, or don't make very much money, your exam will not be very expensive. When I first started going, I had zero income and they asked if I could make a "donation" to cover some of the costs. I think I paid $20. When I got a part time job in college, I started paying more.

    You really should go. Even if there are no problems now, it would be better to get used to the idea of doing this every year so that when you decide to have a family, you'll be familiar with the tests required and "know yourself" better than if you had never been before.

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    yes it is of concern. ur supposed to have a pap smear test did every yr once u become sexually active (to make sure u dont have any infections or std's).........u also need to be having a routiene physical done every yr and i would find some form of birth control to be placed on if ur not trying to get pregnant cause condems do break .

    there should be a program within ur state that caters to people who cannot afford insurance or simply are not offered insurance at their job. ck with a family planning office or whatever state aide office you have. there are many places that provide free healthcare to those who cannot afford it or will offer u services at a discounted price. u just need to do some research to find the sources and ask around.

    if u dont want the free insurance u can go onto "google" and do a search for whatever insurance company ur interested in for healthcare. insurance companies also have affordable plans for u to choose from like blue cross blue shield.

    Source(s): a medical biller and i receive free health insurance from the state programs cause im not offered insurance with the company i work for (temp agency)
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    I'm 18 and sexually active and I've never gone because I don't have insurance and I can't afford it. So I guess we're in the same boat here.

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    Yes, especially once you begin having sexual relations. See we are composed of several layers of cells down there and once you start having sex, they can start forming and mixing (cells) together from all the activity thus forming a clump that leads to cancer (read this in a Planned Parenthood pamphlet). Also, once you reach 18, you are supposed to see a gynocolegist wether you are sexually active or not. But who am I to say? I'm 22, and have not seen a gynocolegist either.

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    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu should have started going when you were 18 regardless of you having sex then or not.

    Going to they gyno once a year can SAVE YOUR LIFE, I had pre-cancer cells on my cervix and never would have known if I didn't go for my yearly's!!! Now I caught it IN TIME and had it treated, what if I didn't go...then I would have never known!

    By the way...I am 25 and already had pre-cancer GO

    So make an appointment, NOW!

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    Yes, You should goes to gynecologis more often since you were girl. There is many things cause your period manopause and more, you might have? If I were you need goes to gynecologist. There is have clinic for free in your local area.

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    Yeah, you should have started going when you started having sex. You should definitely make an appointment.

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    yeah you really should go to make sure you dont have any kinds of cancer.

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    i've never been to the gyn... 27 now

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