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Congratulations STW, I'm indeed get_a_clue! But please mind your accusations!?

You said I have bad grammar, but surprisingly i got 670/700 in my toefl score and 710 in my GMAT score. And I am fluent in 6 different languages. My native language is not English too.


Not as bad as your ugly face!

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    Congratulations. Nobody cares.

    Source(s): and your grammar is indeed horrible.
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    I wouldn't worry about the opinions of small minds Wild Eagle.... I don't spell all that well either, but spelling is irrational at times, When I went to college my communications teacher commented on it when I said I have no ability to memorize so I have to learn... so I can't spell.. he said there are 1600 every day common words in the English language, there are 800 rules for spelling them and half are exceptions to the rules.... Christians who close their minds to the real world seek out the imperfections of society (which they cause) to call us stupid.... how did I do in college... I'm not the school type so In my last year I'm lucky if I showed up one day a week in class.... the other students complained that the material was being taught to fast... I said it was too slow, didn't need 3 yrs to learn this.... I graduated at the top of my class.. with honors... not bad for a dummies huh. lmao. I'm learning too that non christians are as dumb as I am.... they should be so lucky.

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    I've actually been trying to figure out what your primary language is since you showed up here. Your mistakes are definitely those of an educated foreign speaker, rather than an incompetent native-speaker. I'm leaning toward Farsi, but am not ready to commit to that.

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    1 decade ago

    your english is still very poor.

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