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Is Prague as sexual as people say?

People say that Prague is a very sexually hyped city in Europe. I was wondering if this is true. If you know do you have details?

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    Yes I have details.... sort of. First, I'm a Czech living in Philippines, but visit Prague at least once a year.

    My filipina wife (Philippines is a puritanical, Victorian type country more Catholic than the Vatican), is shocked every year by the length of the skirts worn in Prague just a bit longer than the panties. Finally I persuaded her to visit the Vietnamese market and buy something halfway to her knees.

    Prague is a place where you can mix scenery, history and good looking girls together. But if you're looking after just sex, I'd suggest South Asia.

    One more item - if looking for sex, go to the borders of Germany or Austria. There on the border you'll find loads of Gipsy, Ukrainian. Russian and Belorussian women to please you.

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    maybe, maybe not

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