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enki asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 1 decade ago

Why is it LONELY at the TOP?

isnt it LONELIER at the BOTTOM?

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    Enki, there's a little bell ringing...an answer I liked, or my own answer? (34 year old people shouldn't be so forgetful!) Anyway, it had to do with...PERSPECTIVE, I'm pretty sure. The way a mountain peak is perceived when you look up at it, & then how it's perceived when you've reached the top. The perspective of the valley, from the peak--& then the valley itself. & I think they sort of balanced out. I probably twisted up the whole thing, but it's making sense to me, & with your metaphoric mind, I think it might make sense to you, too.

    One can be lonely at the top, or the bottom, don't you think? If one were lonely, would it really make a difference?

    (I don't want you to be lonely!) :):):)

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    Having never really been at the top I can only answer from the bottom. It's lonely at the bottom, everyone looks down on you, mostly so they an feel better than you. At the top must be lonely because everyone is just brown nosing you, so who is a real friend without a hidden agenda. Both are lonely but each in a different way. Yet, are the results not the same, your alone regardless.

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    There are so many people at the bottom that one never gets lonely. However, there are so few at the top that loneliness of ever present.

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    It is lonely at the top because only one person occupies the position. As the leader of the country you are responsible for everything and for every action you made to the people is your accountability . Being on the top, you must always maintain that strong leadership you have where the people look into. Being on the top deprives you from enjoying what the masses do. Most of the crowd you will meet for the day to day are the elites, It somehow curtails your freedom because you are not in liberty to do everything what a ordinary person could do. In other words it sets a limits in a way on yourself and thus a really lonely place at the top.

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    Everybody's lonely really. But I digress.............

    Being at the top of the heap, (which I interpret to mean at the top of the work world heap) is lonelier I think because you cannot lead and be friends with those you lead, well not buddies. Your emotional involvements supremely complicate your business life and ability to have authority and compliance.

    Higher ups think in different terms, leading you as a group effort, goal oriented, the big picture, etc.

    At least at the bottom, you have something in common with those around you, your gripes, your problems with the higher ups, the unfairness of the rules, the fact that the boss don't do anything, how **** flows downhill and well, splat! etc.

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    Why would the bottom be lonelier, one can only be truly lonely if they are not happy with themselfs. If you are not happy with yourself no matter how high at the top you are or how many people surround you , you will without a doubt be lonely.

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    Lonely is a chosen state of existence. Anyone who claims to be lonely only needs to stop thinking, walk out the door, pick up a phone, or any number of other activities that would immediately stop the loneliness.

    Loneliness is a choice whether you are at the top or the bottom.

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    Bill Gates was the richest man in the world and now he was knocked down a notch by another billionaire, so he's now the second richest man in the world...I think he's a ''notch'' happier.

    It's lonely at the top because you don't know who your friends are... and all the money in the world cannot buy true happiness.

    But I agree with you that it is lonelier at the bottom because, I know a few homeless people, and they have hardly any friends at all...people call them bums and are rude to them and don't even give them a dime...I have given them money, even during the time I was on welfare...I've bought them meals and even new clothing.

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    its lonelier at the top because you find out all those people you step on to get there are no longer your friends and the friends you might have you have bought and they really at not friends at all, one becomes isolated from the pure contentment one has with his fellow many when he is rubbing ebbs with him instead of looking down upon him.

    When we are at the bottom we don't realize we are at the bottom we only realize that we are working to go further and higher than we are now, and all our friends are willing and able to help ups with a lift up.

    Funny how life works its way backwards, however, this is not to say that you cant be full of family and friendship at the top...it just takes not ever comprising your values, beliefs and character to get there. Money can be a blessing or it can be hellish for those who can not handle it.

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    Because it took a single focused effort to get there and that effort is itself out of the ordinary. The top can't support many. It is thus lonelier at the top because you can't bring others with you. Only a concerted effort of INDIVIDUAL efforts can get a group to the top. There is higher probability that a person singly makes it rather than with others who dispute along the way, don't hold to the same work ethic and ideals as you, and may even begrudge your success.

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