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Should I have quit the football team?

i had sprained my ankle in a scrimmage and i couldnt play anymore after the first series ,ive been getting **** from my coaches all this week because i couldnt do any running drills.when we watched film the def. coach tried to call me out because i didnt make contact with a guy when i was trying to get to the outside instead of getting tangled up so he tried to say i was afraid to make contact.i went to practice today and instead of sitting out i practiced and my coach starting getting in my face and yelling about how i took myself out the game and how i walked out on my teamates so i just dropped my helmet and left.i dont have any thoughts about going back but i just wanna know what others would have did in this situation.what should i say to the thinking just going in and ******* him up for trying to embaress me and saying i gave up on my team.

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    I loved high school to death man. It only comes once in your life man don't let it pass you by. I am 21 by the way now and in college. High school football is one of those things that just kick so much a$$. However F U C K that coach. I don't know what I would have done then.

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    You're a wuss. The coaches try to break you down to see who is going to step up on game day, and who is going to act like a girl.

    Congratulations. You cracked like an egg. Your team mates are well off without you. You saved everyone a lot of trouble in October and November.

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