who is the senator of taiwan?

who is the senator of taiwan

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    Taiwan does not have senators.

    The ROC have what is called a Legislative Yuan. So they are called legislators.

    The government running Taiwan, called the "Republic of China" is not a legitimate government at all. So it actually doesn't matter if they are called legislators, or senators, or members of parliament, or bogey men.

    The ROC on Taiwan is a government in exile of China.

    Taiwan is not part of China (see the San Francisco Peace Treaty).

    So the ROC should not be considered the legitimate government of Taiwan. They are squatters and it should be noted that there are strict rules in international law that a government in exile can NEVER become the legitimate government in the land where they are in exile.

    Taiwan is a cession. It is presently still occupied territory. The principal occupier is the USA. (See the treaty). The US has delegated the running of the Taiwan Cession to the ROC.

    To become a normal country, the people of Taiwan must remove the ROC from power and inform the US that they wish to form a civilian government.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here is a great website about the government of Taiwan. It will have all the information you need.


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