Do you think that the resignation of Alberto Gonzales was the result of a political witch hunt?

For the record I am a registered Democrat and I think that Mr. Gonzales was treated unfairly by both Democrats and Republicans (especially by U.S. Senator Leahy who I still have some respect for). Please share with me your opinions on our outgoing U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Thank you in advance. :)

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    Had Gonzo come clean and admitted that some people in his office got over zealous and fired some attorneys, found some flunky to scape goat he would not have been in trouble. Instead he chose to fight and he lost. It seems funny to me how some people defend him who lied to Congress but think it is terrible when Clinton lied to Congress. Double standard hypocracy. Gonzo did it to himself. I have no sympathy for him at all.

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    No--I think Gonzales is nothing short of a criminal. Not because of the attorney firings--his actions have been PROVEN unethical--but not illegal.

    However, Gonzales, in aiding the administration in theirpolicy of torture clearly has violated the Constitution. In addition, we already know of more than 1000 cases (those are the GAO figures) ofillegal spying on Americans by the FBI. That is not "isolated mistakes or misconduct"--it is a covert campaign and could not have been carried out without the Attorney General's knowledge (and if it were, to be that out of touch whith his subordinates actions is gross incompetance, at the very least).

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    I actually watched the questioning about the prosecutors.

    I honestly feel that they were being kind to a man who, having the highest prosecutorial position in the United States, can't remember anything pertinent to things that had happened fairly recently, and in fact, he didn't even remember browbeating a semi-conscious Ashcroft. He didn't recall.

    He didn't recall, he didn't recall. He was a man who was very loyal to the President, but that loyalty was stronger apparently than his loyalty to his country. Many of the things he assured Bush he could do, are antithetical to the Constitution he swore to uphold. Gonzales isn't an old man, he should be able to answer any question regarding the performance of his job without hesitation. Oh maybe once or twice, he can't recall, we aren't perfect, but in his job, he should have a steel trap mind, and we aren't talking what did he have for lunch four months ago. So you are forced to feel either he is another example of incompetence within the Bush crony system, or hes dishonest, at the very least, dishonest about his memory.

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    Alberto Gonzales fired one of the most able federal prosecutors in the country simply because that prosecutor would not rush an investigation. This is David Iglesias who maintained his honor, dignity, and was treated unfairly by it by Mr. Gonzales. Mr. Gonzales should have been fired by President Bush or impeached (although I know this can't happen) by the Legislative branch. He perjured himself in front of the Senate, fired able federal prosecutors simply for not playing political games, and worst of all encouraged others to lie and commit act in dishonorable ways.

    This was no witch hunt (you can't say the same for Wolfowitz at the World Bank...that was a European witch hunt); it was a proper check on abuse of executive branch authority.

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    Like several other Bush associates, Gonzales is not a great communicator. I think his story of rising from immigrant son to the top lawyer in the country is inspiring and an example of the best of America.

    It is hard to sort out the truth from the politics, but it seems that in general, Bush has pushed the envelope on a number of fronts. I happen to believe that we need to be able to find out about terrorists who might be plotting to kill us all. Once they are captured, I think it would be a farce to treat them like soldiers who wear uniforms and who swear allegiance to a country. Their treatment has to be unique so that the don't get into our court system and manipulate to the detriment of our citizens.

    In the end, Gonzales was the victim of politics. Compared to some previous Attorney Generals, he as pretty mild. that did not seem to make much difference to those who have used him to further their own agendas.

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    Alberto Gonzales is about as sharp as a butter knife. It became so apparent to me, during his testimony before the Senate, that he was nothing more than a Bush crony that I knew it was just a matter of time before he was gone. There are simply too many intelligent people in our legal system for us to settle for an Attorney General who can't even keep his lies straight.

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    1 decade ago

    No . I think he's an idiot. Remember during those hearings about the firings when he kept saying "I don't know," " I don't know," ?? incompetence is his only problem. Plus he authorized and encouranged his pals to go to Ashcroft in the hospital and get the poor fellow to approve a new version of the highly invasive, unethical Patriot Act, while the poor guy was practically comatose. Gonzalez is a loser and the country is better off without having him as the Administration's "yes man."

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    I'd have to say that it was. Just another case in point where Washington is wasting our time and tax dollars while pushing their agendas forward. In a year the majority of Americans won't even remember anything about this and that is a shame. He is a puppet of the Bush Administration that in turn is a puppet to the corporate industrialists that really run our country. Everyone plays there part as the rich keep killing the brown people for their oil.


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    I don't believe you're a Democrat at all.

    He not only should have been fired, but investigated. The Democrats have already said that they are going to go after him even if he did resign.

    Know why? He broke the law. Badly. And when they prove it, you have no idea what else he is going to say to save his own skin. Or whom else he will implicate. We'll see how loyal the man is when a 20 year prison sentence is staring him down.

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    he used his power and his office to politicize the justice department, which has never, and should never have been done. people should not be prosecuted or given a "free pass" because of their affiliation with this or that political party, nor should their jobs be contingent on political views.

    if it was a witch-hunt, it was only because Gonzo was a witch.

    clearly, he left when he did in an attempt to get the heat off of himself in the hope that congress would drop the matter. he is still hiding from the truth and those asking questions, hopefully they will keep pounding on him until the full truth is known.

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