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Touch screen not working on Palm Treo can I fix it?

I've been trying to fix this for several days. I am trying to fix a Palm Treo 650, and I've tried calibrating it, and I have now backed up the information on the phone in case I need to do a hard reset. I'm not sure what I should do at this point, though. The screen simply stopped working, and there is no dust or dirt around the screen edges. Please help!

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    Does the touch screen respond at all?

    Try to continually calibrate the screen, I find if I do so for many series, it gets better and better.

    How old is your 650, you may be able to return it to your network carrier for another one at no charge.

    If the screen is truly bad and out of warranty, you can try to replace it yourself with a glass screen, watch this video and you can decide:

    I understand this guy is very good if you don't want to try yourself:

    Good luck.

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