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please have a simple solution!!?

i have two small puppies and they were wrestling in a place that they are not alowed to go into{my computer room} now don't ask me how they got there, just help {they snuck in} anyway, the male pulled my candle warmer on himself in the scuffle, how do i get the wax off with out hurting him??

he has a big chunk on his backside . help!!!

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    take him to the vet.. he can shave the fur off where the wax is and check for burns.

    Wax is hard to get out of carpet.. there are cleaners that help, but I do not think they would be safe to use on a dog. Ice will harden wax so you can chip it, but I doubt your puppy would appreciate that.. to get water warm enough to melt wax would be too warm to bathe the puppy in.

    Be glad it was a candle warmer, and not a lit candle.. it could have been much worse!

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    Cold water will harden the wax so you should try to use warm water (not too hot) and give him a bath trying to get the wax off. If the dog has long fur I would bring him to the vet or groomer and have them help you because there is a good chance you will end up having to shave your dog. The dog should also go to the vet to be checked for burns candle wax is very hot. Please be more careful in the future. Maybe leave the office door open but put up a baby gate.

    Good Luck!!

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    VET Now!!! He needs to get looked at to make sure he did not get damage to his spine when something like that fell on him.

    I know these things happen, so get him to the vet, and keep that door shut.

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    there is a candle wax remover that you can buy.. they sell it to get wax out of carpet or whatever... I don't know if it is pet safe. Otherwise shave him.

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    You can try goo gone. That seems to work on most anything else so it may work on dogs.

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    you could cut it or put warm water on it

    good luck!!!

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    Call your vet.

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    Cut it.

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