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why do people assume just as a guy is older then the girl he must be preditory or manipulative etc?

why do people assume just as a guy is older then the girl he must be preditory or manipulative etc

Either talking both over the age of concent 16 heare or girl is close under.

or talking teenagers with teenagers so say 17 and 14 etc.

instead of thinking oh he must be experienced and all controlling and manipulative etc etc.

How about... Oh maybe she (younger) has much more experience then he has, more confident and shes instigating it.

Whilst hes always been shy, utterly usless at chatting up girls, hence maturity and expereince level is lower then said girl hence what they have in common is simlar levels of dating experience.

or say hes in late twenties and her in late teens.

he wants to go out with somone younger as still inot clubbig and parties.

Not into marriage and babies.

And all his mates are coupled up so nobody to go out with.

So likes somone who loves ging out and has lots of mates to hang out with too etc.


Often its the nice guys who dont get the girls and the bad boys who get them.

hence the older guys may have no or little experience with girls.

And as for what do they have in common

Similar interests in music, travelling, movies, going out, both rockers or hippies etc etc.

Where does all this tripe about maulipualtion and preditory isim come from?

Eitehr somone is mean or nice and age has f all to do with it.

Plus many old guys are so crap at chatting girls up etc they could not be maulipualtive or preditory if there was a guy to their head

Update 2:

People like each other as like each other.

Do they want sex and kissing... sure same as somone the girls own age.

Most also want a girlfriend to huig and cuddle and hang out with as like her and freinds before hand

Update 3:

No stack .

Im saying there is not stalking or manipulation.

That a realtioship between two 16 year olds and one with a 17 year old and 25 year old is no different other then they are usually not both students in the same college.

im saying why do people look for stalkerness or creepy ness or any of that rubbish and not trwat all relationships on the same basis as the reality is people are not treating it as any different.

People date as they like somone not as they want to control anyone

Update 4:

Puls no girl I knew could be manipulated more like the other way around

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    People assume lots of things. Doesn't make them right, nor does it make them wrong. It is the nature of things. That said, if I was the Father of the teenage girl, I suspect you and I would be having a very, very long talk.


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    u r creepy dude, just admit that you are a stalker and you want to manipulate young girls

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    Its a common opinion. You do not have to be troubled by that if you mean well.

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    Maybe you need to seek a professional.

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    oh god my head is spinning right now... whats your question again?

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